Review: Sick of it, all you lonely people

Watching a new Pommie ‘comedy’ tonight (via a questionable website) called “Sick Of It”. (wiki info) Sadly I identify with the gloomy, dry witted, character ‘Karl’. (actors real name Karl Pilkington) that can’t move on from a prior love. I first watched Karl a year back in “An idiot abroad” where he was a tourist in backward third world commie shit holes like China. At the end of season 1, episode 3, of ‘Sick of It’ I watched tonight, they played the above oldie outro from the band, ‘America’ That…

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The ‘comedic art’ of being a ‘socially accepted racist pig’

TV Review: Tax funded ABC “Black Comedy” program is back for another season reminding whites they’re scum because of the last 230+ years. Same ABC loves racist commie China buying the place up. If the place is stolen, then China is buying stolen goods – but ABC is OK with that. Common sense doesn’t apply when you’re a racist pig. WARNING: The following lesson should not be tried by white people. If you’re anyone else, then read on and learn how to be a socially acceptable racist pig, financed by…

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Review: Russell ‘Cringe’ Coight Season 03 … so far.

season 3 russell cringe coight

I was excited when hearing the news a couple months back, that Russell Coight (Australian Bloke that makes Superman look like Freddie Mercury in a sissy frock) was coming back for another season on the telly (Aussie slang for ‘idiot box’) …. but I only just today caught up with the first three new season 3 episodes. Geez Russ, all I can say is, thanks for the nap. Every gag …. balls squashed or zapped in

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Betoota Bullshit: 530,000+ Aussie’s love being duped with fake news

betoota bullshit

“News the way you’d like it” Truthful? Yes please. I’m a bloke with a pretty good sense of humour, and love parody websites … but this Betoota Advocate bullshit I came across today is *ucking awful. Three clowns thought it would be funny creating a legit looking “news” website, but filling it with spoof stories. I’m down with that. Many years ago (circa 2002) I used to write fake crap at After 10 minutes on the Betoota site today, I started dozing off. No giggles…not even a pity chuckle.…

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How to gamble $40 and beat the Casino, Guaranteed!

australian money

Being the broke guy I am, I shudder when I find out I need to spend money on anything that’s not food or drink. My dammed car battery dropped it’s guts last week. New cheap assed pissy ones at Supercrap Auto (SCA) start at $117. Last time I checked their site a few years back, they had new ones for $50 and 6 month warranties. No way was I paying $117+ just for a battery. The whole car only cost me $250. (1993 model worth $16,000 new) Plan A, nick…

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