China, the racist class state! Yet we pander to it.

Video above is of a white dude that I’ve been watching on Youtube for two years called Matthew Tye (aka C-Milk) – he’s lived in China for 10 years. He and a mate (Winston) would do video-blogs while riding around China on motor bikes – I found their uncensored first hand videos¬† fascinating …

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Woke today to find out we have a new CEO (aka Prime Minister) of Company Australia.

ceo scott morrison

Woke today to find out (48 hour hang over) we have a new CEO (aka Prime Minister) of AUSTRALIAN CORPORATION I’m kinda missing the old days when WE the people decided which dick heads run the CORPORATION registered with the US SEC. (US doesn’t have to register with Australia. That would be like the staff at Main Roads registering with us when we register with them. Who’s your daddy?) I’m no fan of the ass hole (who’s wife worked for the Rothschild usury turds) that had Pauline Hanson wrongfully thrown…

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