Drunk #Microsoft? #Win7 Updates still working after cut-off date

Out of curiosity I clicked the Windows 7 updates thing’o, and low and behold, after the January 14th cut off date, today on Sunday the 19th of January … updates are still working.

I’d hate to be one of the many that forked out for Windows 10 due to the cut-off panic. (seen it myself..my own father was freaking out back in December)

While that’s updating, I’m playing with another Linux distribution today called … ‘Tails’.

It’s an OS with minimal software and built to use online.

I’ve got it running well on a small 16gb mirco-sd card on my Dell 780 with 8gb ram. Bloody amazing how all the bullshit is coming off something so small.

TOR and all that other jazz is pre-installed. Other software can be added back, but less is better for a more secure experience while creeping around dirty filthy sites like SocksAndSandalsFreak.com and WePeedInTheRomperRoom.com

Ow, poop now I gotta restart the bloody computer again.

‘Tis getting worse than Win98.

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13 Thoughts to “Drunk #Microsoft? #Win7 Updates still working after cut-off date”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Im confused…

    Just free upgrade to windows 10?
    I dont think anyone had to pay for it…
    I did it years ago and was free and simple – my favorite way

    Not sure about this Linux thing – is it legal ?

    1. LOL, legal? The Google search site etc and all Android (Google owned) phones runs on Linux. It’s open source which means anyone can take it and make their own variations. A very popular version in poor countries like Africa is called Ubuntu. I use a version “forked” off that called Kubuntu as it’s very simlar to Win 10. (screen shot link below showing it running and doing an update today). I’m checking emails and reading and typing this message from Firefox browser in it now. Yeah the FREE Win10 key was supposed to run out last year (I forget to pissed to Google, October or whatever), so dummies have been paying $200+ not knowing the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 was still being allowed. #ucking scammers those Bill Gates eugenicists. (they make computers work, and also play doctor too) You’re someone that needs security. I’ve been hacking your PC all week via that open port. That’s how I found out about those dirty websites you visit called SocksAndSandalsFreak.com and WePeedInTheRomperRoom.com. My Kubuntu https://imgur.com/a/JI1WUkQ

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    hhmmm I think you may be hacking into someone elses system there
    I dont remember peeing in the rompa room or sniffing pencils like that…
    socksandsandals tho – you might have got me there….
    Let me know what else you find….

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    in other bushy news…
    the rompa room on friday night was a lot of fun – one of the best nights I have had there
    and tonight the brizzos are looking like they may fall short of the win against the melbourne red team in the cricket….
    as you were….

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I have a large penis
    helps me play bass like a pro
    and satisfies all the ladies in my dreams….

    I hope you are spamming the email addresses Im using…

    Im still waiting for naked towelie pics….

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    you should shoosshhhshsh

    the aussies are on top of the indians (yes the curry kind) in the third ODI live on kayo…

    standby its raining again….

  6. Smelly Ford lover, I just infected your computer with the Holden virus. You’ll be on Car Sales looking to buy a HQ before dawn.

  7. the former holden wanker formally known as the bush


    check out this fine example –
    reminds me of my first car
    bit darker orange, premier front, 202 with speco 3 spd floor shifter and a lot more rust…
    had better rims too – chrome 12 slotters – i was a closet ford lover the whole time….

    fark 12 grand wish i had kept mine….

    1. That Holden virus worked quickly. I just found this hidden in your Resources >> Themes >> Naked Towelie … folder. What will the missing trumpet player think? ow no!

  8. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Damn I really need to close that port…

    Our first (and to this day our only) gig in front of a seated audience in the auditorium
    Towellie was so high he forgot his pants and missed all his cues…

    that bass player is gorgeous…

    1. Gorgeous? I didn’t know you had a thing for sandal wearing hippies. Chats

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