Quick easy free way to cut down on porn spam emails

My Thunderbird email client has 23 different email accounts in it for various websites and purposes. A few are with my ISP, some with Gmail, Hotmail … some with Yahoo, Live and the rest with my own websites. Without fail, I was getting 30+ per day from those cow urine aftershave wearing

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eBay drags heals on Australian import GST avoiding criminals

Last week I spent extra (rare for tight assed me) on postage from a supposed Australian eBay seller – item was a little MD81 wi-fi camera Same thing shipped from China by Chinese sellers is cheaper even with the Australian GST import tax. I needed the camera fast. Item location? Supposedly Botany NSW .. 1000 km trip in 4 or 5 working days max, no sweat. With tied eyes scanning advert after advert for an hour, I settled on one with the Australian Flag on it. OK I though, then…

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I’m rolling in the money this week, and it’s only Tuesday

Usually I make about 16 cents for the whole week (inflation on the old rusting mower metal in the backyard) … but the past Sunday (3 days ago) I accidental clicked on one of the Google adverts on this site. Checked today, and 55 cents for one click is showing at the Google cashboard. Took ages to get my Adsense account approved (Seinfeld sites about nothing usually don’t) so over to the Google forums I went to admit my sin and seek forgiveness. A friendly Googler assured me that my…

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Insane Pommie Furze and his spinning knife belt of death

colin furze knife belt

#colinfurze #knifebelt I don’t watch his videos much any-more, as they haven’t been as dangerous as his earlier Youtube career videos … until now. Bomb belts are so yesterday. How about a belt of spinning chief’s knives? Hahahaha … this one made me laugh this morning … what a right royal dick head (aka ‘bell end’ in Furze’s English) you are Mr Colin Furze 🙂 Bit odd Youtube allowing under 18’s to watch this though.

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I’m not sure when it happened: Metamorphosis from Aussie Bloke into web nerd

web nerds

Last week it was three days straight figuring out how to save an online forums content from the history bin … this week it’s been a two day slog learning how to build an online shop…on my own websites. (any half-assed non-nerd can use not-so-geeky eBay) Wiped my old mower site (archived on my free host), moved the domain, and started fresh with a CMS (web nerd talk for whatever…I know the answer but don’t want to say it..because it’s embarrassing knowing) and popular commerce plugin (I’m not dropping any…

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