How to get FREE Zooper Doopers

Early February, I had to go to IGA to gets some chips and drinks for my brothers birthday

As I walked in, they had one of those bloody forbidden fruit temptation stands with these things new to me on it.

Promo sale price was only $3.00 for 36, so a grabbed a pack for the birthday pack.

Got home, took four out for the birthday pack, and kept the rest for myself.

My punishment for being greedy? I’m now hooked on the bloody things.

Went back for more, but at $5.50 regular price for only 24, I needed to kick this habit or find a work around. It’s only frozen cordial after all.

Pro-Zooper eater tip: Cut the end in a half circle so as to avoid the mouth damage from sharp square corners

I have about 200 saved empty wrappers…

An older DIY: modified bottle with a pen tip through the bottle cap I usually keep with fresh water in it for flushing backyard bugs out of my ears – now my Zopper refill station with cordial in it too. (I hope the midnight kamikaze bugs like apple and raspberry)

I was going to get one of those heat bar things that seals bags, but the humble paper clip, or what ever they are called (orange thing) has been working fine. I fold the end about 4 times, and clip.

Into the freezer and Billy’s my budgie!

Might have to try a few with coffee and chocolate milk too.

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8 Thoughts to “How to get FREE Zooper Doopers”

  1. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    I dont even know what a zooper dooper is –

    1. They are an evil frozen beverage from David Dimmock’s bottom.

  2. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    Can they be filled with fruity lexia?

  3. I never thought of that. David Dimmock’s bottom was to distracting. Next batch will have fruity with some fruit salad in them. Sucking on a coffee milk one right now. Fark, Tim from The Goodies died of billgates-19 virus.

  4. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    Lord Billgates and his virus will kill anyone he chooses over the 5G network – apparently…

    In other famous dead people news – Sir Stirling Moss died yesterday too
    I dont think Lord Billgates killed him but he couldn’t save him….

  5. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    I thought this was a private channel – just you, me and david dimmock…

    didnt realise anyone else was listening…

    1. This is private site, only people on earth can see it. I had to block Mars last night. To many bloody aliens spamming from there. Had to block Uranus last week. (David Dimmock’s home planet)

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