Southport to Broadbeach Night Panorama Free Wallpaper

When I get bored, I either get on the booze and play bad guitar, or grab a camera and go looking for stuff to photograph. It was going to be a booze and bad guitar night, but while at Dan’s in Southport picking up the plonk, I took a wrong back street and ended up…

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Invasion of the Mozzies – Gold Coast

Fricking mozzies around the Gold Coast the last two weeks after the rain are driving me bonkers. I refuse to wear chemical repellents as that crap breaches the skin and gets into the blood stream mucking up my alcohol levels. What I need to do is, find the prick in this video running ‘The Park’, and take him out for creating so many bloody mosquitoes.

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Tate’s delusion: His twisted delusions on us all

tate's delusion

I remember voting for a local Mayor that pre-election promised he’d sack the non-elected CEO (ex-Victorian “demon” AFL player) of the CORPORATION trading under the CORPORATE name “GOLD COAST CITY COUNCIL” Seems like a life time ago, yet the same Mayor Tate is still in … as is the same CEO Dickson. While free-loading in the kitchen (shed was out of coffee and Jesus Juice) last night, Mum read a headline off the net about Tate wanting to bury folks in the Broadwater. WTF? I had to look that up…

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Singapore’s failed Australian invasion

obike invasion

It’s rare I venture into Surfers Paradise and surrounding coastal suburbs now days … and or turn the TV on and keep up with local whatever goings on. Last Mothers Day (13 May) the mother and I drove the coastline road from Southport to Tweed Heads. From the Southport end, I started noticing unattended orange bikes here and there, parked on footpaths. The closer we got to Surfers, the more we passed. I thought the government must have bought them for public use during the recent Commonwealth Games … but…

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