Slomo to blame? Aldi’s not so “Authentic” any more Dim Sims

Geez, sick of reading about the BGFV-10130701 (bill gates funded virus) 40 people might have caught in Southport two days ago – maybe focus on something else for a while.

I’m an avid Dim Sim eater. 20 years ago the little fish and chip shop across the road from the Nerang Commercial Hotel used to make them just right. I became hooked.

Right light brown colour, right melt in your mouth softness, right firm crunch in your mouth texture, right amount of salt.

But they’re gone now – rumours at the time say they never changed the cooking oil which might have been the secret to a good Dim Sim.

So the last few years I’ve been buying the 30 pack from Aldi (yes those Germans, but Russia invaded Poland too) for $3.50 a bag.

Geez, only $3.50 per 30 🙂

About 3 months ago that changed over night. Price went up and quality of everything including the bag came down. Sneaky Germans!

Oven cooked 200C for 20 minutes

Sadly (really?) I don’t have any photos of the authentic “Authentic” Dim Sims they used to sell, but these above sad samples cooked tonight is what they sell now.

Pastry doesn’t even cover all of them.

As I said on their Facebook page…

Off topic, but what happened to the once wonderful bags of 30 Dim Sims? Price went from 3.50 to 5.50 over night three months ago, and the taste of the pastry has changed to tough toe nails when oven cooked on 200c for 20 minutes. Looks like 6 year old children wrap them with their eyes closed, and the printing on the plastic bags rubs off every time I remove the bag from the freezer. Cheaper product but at 40% more cost.

Since the change, I’ve bought six or seven bags of them, and all the same goings on.

Ink rubs off unlike the “Authentic” old days.

I can understand the price increase during drought times, but the construction and ingredients change is a shocker.

Tonight the DM posted a story about PM Scott Morrison hiding “$100MILLION worth of vital supplies”

Story goes on about medical supplies in case of the BGFV-10130701, but I suspect there’s more to the story.

I reckon Slomo Morrison has a thing for Dim Sims too.

Health Minster Greg Hunt hiding the good stuff?

No freezer area photos, you know why? Because it’s probably packed floor to ceiling with the genuine “Authentic” Aldi Dim Sims!

What a bugger. Now I gotta go catch BGFV-10130701 to get access to the good stuff.

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3 Thoughts to “Slomo to blame? Aldi’s not so “Authentic” any more Dim Sims”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I see 2 problems here
    The first being that I dont believe ‘ze germanz’ eat dim sims – they would be completely unaware of what a dim sim should be, therefore unable to supply a decent version of the humble dimmy.
    The next problem is of course your choice of cooking method – who the hell cooks dim sims in the oven???? No wonder you are having sub-standard meals. The dim sim should (as everyone else knows) be steamed, microwaved or deep fried – shallow frying with regular rotations would also give reasonable results.
    After reading your post I went to my local Australian supermarket – Drakes, to check out their dim sim supply. They had 1kg pack (at rough count around 25 sims) for $4.20, so a little more expensive and possibly out of reach of the non-workers but with tried and true black and gold quality and cooked correctly (cooking instructions clearly printed on the bag) will surely be delicious and nutritious
    On another note, I just had my first toasted sandwich from my newly acquired “George Foreman Grill.” Came out a bit squashed but tasted good I feel like a boxer…

  2. Deep frying is for those that can’t afford Dr Kevorkian to snuff them out with his death cocktails. The original dim sims they sold came out of the oven just right after 20 minutes at 200c. The original pastry recipe had more oil in it which gave the same fried like result. Next time I feel brave enough to walk among those with BGFV-10130701, it’ll be Drakes too. Last time there three weeks ago, washed baby potatoes were only 70c a kg. Bloody Germans want twice that. Get on eBay and get 5 litres of this while you still can. It kills 99.99% of viruses and is safe on skin etc.

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    wow washed baby potatoes…? sounds like a luxury item – I can only afford the old dirty white potatoes….
    check the end of the fruit/veg aisles for a bargain – I got some red pontiac spuds the other day for less than half price…
    90c for a kilo of carrots at the moment is a great deal…
    must be time for a dim sim….

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