Gene Therapy for TB

Silly short boring guy (aka T.B.) on the CB radio promoting my site (thanks) today thinks “gene therapy” is false.

This BIG wig at BAYER probably doesn’t exist in his mind either…

I’ll pay anyone $10 if they can find one single “mRNA Covid vaccine” on the official The Australia Vaccination Handbook CLICK HERE – GOOD LUCK

PS: Sorry no “lizard” stuff here, not my thing. That was T.B. lying to win another fight against himself.

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6 Thoughts to “Gene Therapy for TB”

  1. Dr. S. khatmando

    RNA (mDNA) vaccines utilise the a particular RNA produced by your maternal DNA to break down one of the proteins the COVID Virus needs to reproduce. It is virostatic, which means it stops the virus load (number of virus in someone’s body from increasing)- The body “learns” to combat the virus without the original vaccine injected into your system to be effective at reducing the severity and frequency of COVID symptoms.

    Being an RNA vaccine which under certain circumstances is produced naturally, there is no necessity or utility to use gene therapy which modifies DNA. Gene therapy is a permanent modification of one’s particular genes, involved in serious diseases. People confuse RNA vaccines because RNA is produced by DNA encoding. One way to explain the relationship between DNA and RNA is to think of DNA as a particular codex or a set of instructions like a recipe for the body. RNA is the product of that recipe. Therefore you can train your DNA to produce RNA in a novel way such as increasing a particular protein for combating viral diseases in their presence.

    REMEMBER mDNA vaccines do NOT modify your genes or DNA in any way. It is not a gene modification therapy which is a distinct and seperate field of medicine.

    If you consult a high school biology textbook you can learn the foundation information neede to understand how this biological works. It is helpful in avoiding erroneous misunderstanding of this field of medicine and research.

    1. * No such person called Dr. S. khatmando
      * If I wanted mRNA lessons, I’d go re-hear the inventor Robert Malone for the 20th time.
      * Your copy paste BS has nothing to do with the point of this post — that being, according to that BAYER guy in the video you won’t debunk; admits big pharma fooled the world with “vaccine”, rather than “gene therapy” when referring to mRNA jabs that have officially murdered 11 Aussies so far, and unofficially 769. source: TGA report ending 24/02/22
      Have a nice day.

      1. Dr. S Khatmando

        So you would go and study Darwin to self educate yourself on contemporary theory of evolution? Perhaps this is why you mention tuberculosis , which is caused by a bacterium.
        I took the time to critically discuss your beliefs, assumptions and assertions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations over time. And I am met with accusations of plagiarism. Your close mindedness is unfortunate and you contribute nothing the furthering this field of science an instead your attitude is anti scholarship. It is a unfortunate.

        If you wish to test if I have engaged in plagiarism use an analytical tool that verifies this, like a true academic wood! I now doubt that you are one. Perhaps it’s my fault for assuming that you were something you are not.


        1. I took the time to critically discuss your beliefs

          The topic of my post you deliberately avoided again, is that BAYER head in the video admitting mRNA jabs are “gene therapy” — then also admitting “95%” wouldn’t have taken the crap had we all been given informed consent.

  2. jigsaw fits.

    these type of twisted translations of content which creates toilet bowls of misinformation simply dribble into the drainpipe to nowhetr where it belongs, thank goodness.

    1. Dr. S Khatmando has a new fake name, but the same off topic game.
      For the third time, my post is about a big wig at BAYER admitting QUOTE “95%” UNQUOTE of we the people would have rejected mRNA jabs had we all been told their true name, QUOTE “gene therapy” UNQUOTE.
      I won, you lost.
      OFF TOPIC: Great news today under the smoke of the Ukraine invasion distraction. Australian ABC finally posted news of an Australian made REAL “vaccine” … patent free, cheap traditional based “protein subunit vaccine” that “stimulates an immune response by directly delivering bits of the virus” that’s supposedly promising for “Alpha, Delta, Omicron, and future variants”. #Corbevax


      Have a nice day.

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