How to legally get store booze with no money and no credit card

It’s 5pm, Saturday afternoon, nothing in the wallet, bank, nor in Paypal … and I have no credit cards … but I wanna get pissed to celebrate a long over due rain down pour. (yeah yeah, any excuse)

I don’t like borrowing money for booze, so what does I noddle?

I’m probably the last to figure this out, but Paypal is kinda like an online short term credit source.

My bank shut at 12pm Saturday, which gives me a ‘don’t bug me for money, I need more sleep’ …. grace window until Monday arvo.

Before going anywhere, I use Dan Murphy’s online store to order their finest cheap wine (yuck) and pay using Paypal.

In theory, I get my act together Sunday arvo and repair (mower, old toaster etc) something that will easily sell before the end of banking hours Monday. (I gotta go all the bloody way up to Helensvale to make an over the counter deposit)

WARNING: I’ve done this before and my bank (The Greater) did NOT charge me a dishonour fee when Paypal asked for money on a different occasion.

Unpaid: 8 litres of Dan’s cheapest wine for an even cheaper weekend

Trouble is, I got 8 litres and will probably still be half pissed on Tuesday morning.

Ow well, I guess I’m going to find out how patient Paypal is for $20.00 (they’ve made plenty off me)

Bottoms up for a wet weekend 😉


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7 Thoughts to “How to legally get store booze with no money and no credit card”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    ow no…..
    standby for some bad guitar and ruined uhf scanning…..

    1. Ssshhh! It’s 3am, I’m going to bed and you’re good to go now.

  2. Moonday update .. never got to the bank, and no Paypal letter yet.

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I think the google debt collectors will be coming to visit today

    1. Fark, just got up, whoops Paypal emailed at 10.26am today about being over due. 90 minutes later three gayofangs sold within 11 minutes. I went to bed with $12 in paypal (three sold yesterday too) and owing $20, and just woke up owing nothing and having $10 extra to spend on another 4 litres tonight. The fruity gods of sonata must be looking down on me. very fruity

  4. shane warne

    haha not a bad scam and seems you managed to avoid angry googlers in black suits coming to visit….

    Standby its cricket time – australians vs indians (the curry kind, not feathers) in 50 overs match….

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