The ‘comedic art’ of being a ‘socially accepted racist pig’

TV Review: Tax funded SBS “Black Comedy” program is back for another season reminding whites they’re scum because of the last 230+ years. Same SBS loves racist commie China buying the place up. If the place is stolen, then China is buying stolen goods – but SBS is OK with that. Common sense doesn’t apply when you’re a racist pig. WARNING: The following lesson should not be tried by white people. If you’re anyone else, then read on and learn how to be a socially acceptable racist pig, financed by…

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I’m rolling in the money this week, and it’s only Tuesday

Usually I make about 16 cents for the whole week (inflation on the old rusting mower metal in the backyard) … but the past Sunday (3 days ago) I accidental clicked on one of the Google adverts on this site. Checked today, and 55 cents for one click is showing at the Google cashboard. Took ages to get my Adsense account approved (Seinfeld sites about nothing usually don’t) so over to the Google forums I went to admit my sin and seek forgiveness. A friendly Googler assured me that my…

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Insane Pommie Furze and his spinning knife belt of death

colin furze knife belt

#colinfurze #knifebelt I don’t watch his videos much any-more, as they haven’t been as dangerous as his earlier Youtube career videos … until now. Bomb belts are so yesterday. How about a belt of spinning chief’s knives? Hahahaha … this one made me laugh this morning … what a right royal dick head (aka ‘bell end’ in Furze’s English) you are Mr Colin Furze 🙂 Bit odd Youtube allowing under 18’s to watch this though.

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