QLD the failed State: State of health horrific for humans while Zoo given $8M for dinosaurs

Woke this morning to read $8 million of Queensland tax payer’s dollars are going to an under-run Zoo, while Queensland hospitals are over-run with 500+ Queensland tax payers that need medical care. Welcome to the TwitLight State. I like the Irwin’s, I watched both Irwin children grow up on TV, but come on, if a business isn’t profitable, then go the way of the dinosaur .. err Holden. On second thoughts, the Holden shut down could have been prevented if our so called pro-commie Government increased import taxes on $2…

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I’m rolling in the money this week, and it’s only Tuesday

Usually I make about 16 cents for the whole week (inflation on the old rusting mower metal in the backyard) … but the past Sunday (3 days ago) I accidental clicked on one of the Google adverts on this site. Checked today, and 55 cents for one click is showing at the Google cashboard. Took ages to get my Adsense account approved (Seinfeld sites about nothing usually don’t) so over to the Google forums I went to admit my sin and seek forgiveness. A friendly Googler assured me that my…

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Dinner time with my Australian Kookaburra mates


An afternoon in Australia isn’t complete (for me anyways) without my three mates turning up for a feed of #aldi mystery meat devon roll. The one in the middle is the parent (mother I think) and the other two, the youngin’s … they are about 2 years old. The parent is very tame – he / she will come inside the CB shack and sit on the bench taking scarps from my hand while I cut the meat up … the other two are still learning about us featherless dinner…

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