Really Really Big Nipples of the Future

I don’t usually watch TV anymore (fake news crap) let alone cartoons … but in 1993 I fell in love with a horny toad called Mrs Big Head and Spunky, the little dog … that ironically looks like the dog we have now days. Downloaded the whole old 1993 series of Rocko’s Modern Life cartoon ( a few days ago after seeing a new movie of the same came out this year. Only up to season 1 episode 5 tonight (not the one above) and the first appearance of Really…

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The ‘comedic art’ of being a ‘socially accepted racist pig’

TV Review: Tax funded ABC “Black Comedy” program is back for another season reminding whites they’re scum because of the last 230+ years. Same ABC loves racist commie China buying the place up. If the place is stolen, then China is buying stolen goods – but ABC is OK with that. Common sense doesn’t apply when you’re a racist pig. WARNING: The following lesson should not be tried by white people. If you’re anyone else, then read on and learn how to be a socially acceptable racist pig, financed by…

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Review: Russell ‘Cringe’ Coight Season 03 … so far.

season 3 russell cringe coight

I was excited when hearing the news a couple months back, that Russell Coight (Australian Bloke that makes Superman look like Freddie Mercury in a sissy frock) was coming back for another season on the telly (Aussie slang for ‘idiot box’) …. but I only just today caught up with the first three new season 3 episodes. Geez Russ, all I can say is, thanks for the nap. Every gag …. balls squashed or zapped in

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Rare ‘Married With Children’ Living Room Camera Angle

Bundy's living room

I rarely turn the TV on due to all the NU (naturally uncorrect) propaganda garbage that seems to be saturating every local DTV station now days. Instead, I’ve been re-watching old shows like Married with Children, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, The King of Queens, Mr Bean, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Dukes of Hazard, The Black Adder, Green Acres, Hogan’s Heros, Skippy, A Country Practice, Paul Hogan and so forth. Watching 259 episodes, 11 years of Married With Children in four weeks was a marathon. In all those …

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