Why does everything keep going up? Usury?

Why does everything keep going up? Usury? I must be getting old.
Remember the movie ‘They Live’, where so called GOVT-MEDIA reality was seen through a special pair of sunglasses?
Who reads more than the headlines? I don’t know the 2024 cost to send a child to ‘free’ public school.
If I was younger with a wife, and we skimmed over this headline, we’d probably not bother having children.
Who’s got “$90k” a year ($7,500 a month) to spend on ‘public’ school fees at a PUBLIC school?
Obviously in the body-text, they’ll wank on about a large family of four or more, and costs over a few years.
I don’t know, as like many others, I didn’t read the rest.
The use of the word “sacrifices” seems deliberate. The assholes at the GOVT-ABC hate the English-Australians. In The “sacrifices” is English-Australians not having anymore children.
We’re dying off – fertility rates in Australia are at a record low 1.6 ‘babies’ per couple. Needs to be 2.2 or better. That should be front page news, week after week, yet the same ABC ignores it.
Who’ll be the next generations of tax payers if we’re running out of babies?
Who’s being shipped in from countries we helped illegally invade for Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, and now being given cheap housing and free schooling, that we pay for with our taxes?
Or maybe the buildings with “Shower Block” signs on them, really are just shower blocks. I’ll get a new pair of sunglasses and try again later.

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