Coronavirus silver linings – Mad Ass Hell, Boring as Hell, Neighbours quit filming and Chicom hunters locked out

silver lining
an advantage that comes from a difficult or unpleasant situation:
When things look black, there’s always a silver lining.

Mad As Hell, is actually Boring as Hell

‘Canned laughter machine’ gag wasn’t even funny.

Australian tax funded ABC’s episode of Mad As Hell last night had no audience for the first time.

Naive Shaun Micallef

I didn’t think it was possible for Shaun Micallef to seem even more boring than usual.

He’s so boring, I paused the stream at 5 minutes to blog out a post about it instead. (blogging is very boring)

All these years and it was the live audience that kept me watching each time.

Neighbours stop filming

Long running Australian TV soapie brainwashing  tool used to train no-life-morons how to be PC cultural Marxists … shuts down over Coronavirus fears. Praise Jesus

Chicom property land bankers locked out of Australia

Not that we’ll be rolling in the money with the jobless crisis unfolding, but Australian’s bidding on properties won’t have to compete with cashed up fly-in fly-out Chinese. Australia is banning all non-Australian entry. (Sadly that UK ass-hat Russell Brand is trapped here though)


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4 Thoughts to “Coronavirus silver linings – Mad Ass Hell, Boring as Hell, Neighbours quit filming and Chicom hunters locked out”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I like Shaun Micallef – especially as Roger Explosion – secret agent

  2. You only love Rodger because he wore girly Billie Joe make up. Did you used to put that crap on your face too while attending the formerly open, now closed for a very long time … Rompa Room? His Milo Kerrigan was the worst. Lano and Woodley were the business.

  3. the former artist FORMERLY known as the bush

    I was never a fan of Milo – not enough Billie Joe make up
    No glitter on me until I am on stage – coming soon…
    hang on – probly not for a while actually….not much work for artists at the moment…

    shit I been spelling my name wrong this whole time…

  4. Bugger, Neighbours started filming again today.

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