Review: Sick of it, all you lonely people

Watching a new Pommie ‘comedy’ tonight (via a questionable website) called “Sick Of It”. (wiki info) Sadly I identify with the gloomy, dry witted, character ‘Karl’. (actors real name Karl Pilkington) that can’t move on from a prior love. I first watched Karl a year back in “An idiot abroad” where he was a tourist in backward third world commie shit holes like China. At the end of season 1, episode 3, of ‘Sick of It’ I watched tonight, they played the above oldie outro from the band, ‘America’ That…

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OK, less swank posts and more play: Dance dance, see the girl dance

neil young dance dance dance

Dang, looking back … too many politically laced rants below .. it must be smoko time. The above music video is from the full bootlegged concert copy I have. He’s one of those musicians I’d hear from time to time while growing up … but never gave two runny rat droppings about. Now days .. or rather, now nights … he’s one of my best friends at 2am while

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Tuesday night, cheap wine, cheap guitar, pre-hang over groundhog day.

rodney and tommy

It’s 9:40pm Tuesday night again … not likin’ how the year has flown by. Must be time for guitar practice. Kicking off with Aussie Tommy Emmanuel first. As a boy, he learnt by listening to guitar greats such as Chet Atkins and Les Paul. I’ve been trying his listening technique for 30 years … and I’m still having trouble doing it. I’d do it during the day, but who does it during the day? Do you? It’s better at…

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