Cash is King: Use it or we’ll lose it

The dream of a ‘cashless new world order’ has been around as long and the international usury banksters have had access to computers. The push for the ‘cashless’ BS and the scum bags seeking it really became evident after China gave the world their CCP-virus (Covid-19) Last week I needed some fuel line from the local Supercheap Auto store. As I approached the front door, a female staffer posted out front, asked me if I was paying with cash. WTF, was my first reaction. Had the international banksters taken over…

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Incremental cashless society takes another step closer: Religious nutters were right?

cashless society in the suburbs

Limited News (Courier Mail) today is reporting the dismay suburbanian Briso’s are having with their local usury masters. (banksters) All I see is another step closer to what Christians and such have been prattling on about for decades … long before Skippy and Blankety Blanks …. a sort after cashless “new world order” where the global public won’t be able to buy or sell with physical money any more. 10 years ago I emailed the Reserve Bank of Australia and asked them what the production of one specimen with “100” printed…

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