Review: Taylor Swift ‘Miss Americana’ documentary

It was 2009 when a pretty girl in a music video I’d never seen before caught my attention.

‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift 2009

I’ve never been fan enough to buy (or pirate) any of her songs, and I don’t listen to the radio much thus never hear her new material.

While trawling Putlocker (in-between all the horror crap) looking for something healthy to watch, a new doco called ‘Miss Americana’ came up.

I like to study how we’re being programmed – trained –  conditioned in the west to give up our morals.

The US Super Bowl highlights seen today of the pole dancing J-Lo trash spurred me to do a review on the Miss Swift doco.

Bit biased from the start, I started watching … but as I hadn’t seen much of her since 2009, I was scanning to see if she, like Miley Cyrus, was in the phase from Girl Next Door, to lucifer’s daughter.

I don’t believe in old Lou, but the Masonic judges and politicians that jail and tax us do. Their guru called Albert Pike admits it in his prized book found in Lodges called ‘Morals and Dogma’ … page 321 for example. Anyway, that’s a topic for some other time.

Nope, all clear. No ugly piecings or tramp stamps. A back tattoo seen in the doco was a temp one used to prove a point in a video.

While talking to her father about speaking up about an election, Taylor says she’s a “Christian”.

She and her mum are very close. Mum has cancer. They showed how over the years the media made Taylor look trashy and suggesting she’s had many boyfriends. Complete BS.

Taylor and her real boy friend both decided to keep their relationship out of the media. Eat spotted dick Daily Mail.

That OJ Simpson murder trail

The lawyer for OJ, the father of Kim Kardashian, is the only reason anyone knows about the Kardashians. (the dirty adult tape came much later)

Two dead people and OJ Simpson are the only reason anyone knows about Kim Kardashian. She would be a nobody today without the deaths of two people.

Kim Kardashian married some ass clown called Kayne West.

In the Swift doco, Taylor was on stage 2009 accepting a best video award when West grabbed the mic off her and started ranting on about how his friend’s video was better.

Crowd booed him. Later he and Swift are heard on Kim Kardashian’s  phone with West, apologising.

After the call, Kayne West, a rapper, wrote a song calling Swift a “bitch” and claimed because of him taking the mic off her that day, made her “famous”.

West is yet to write a rap song about two dead people and OJ Simpson making his wife, Kim Kardashian famous!

Another thing stood out – even though she had time, Swift never added anything about the thugs that own some of her songs –  the ones she called out a few months back. (evil old George Soros, CFR etc)

Grounded mum’s girl – Taylor with her boy friend.

I don’t want to give too much away – it’s a good look behind the scenes of an ugly industry and her true “approval from strangers” intent.

My score 9/10

Released on Netflix 31/01/20. (I watched it on Putlocker)

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