Owen Campbell Band, Live at Lazybones Lounge “Sunshine Road”

Few years back a guy on one of those TV talent shows called Own Campbell blew my steel-cap boots off. (I didn’t wear Kmart’s finest $4 thongs back then)

That’s saying something, as I rarely watch TV and I hate all generic rip off American shows. (Australian version of ‘American Pickers’ is utter crap)

I predicted in 2012 Campbell would be our better Australian version of Eric Clapton. (did I just contradict myself?)  2012 AGT audition

Sadly that never happened. Not because of him, but because of us!

Proof, turn the fricking radio onto Hot Tomato etc – it’s all compressed Miley queer pinko noise going on about wanting smoko, and videos of dudes kissing dude bass players .. and on and on.

Only time I’d go to that kiddies Nerang Romper Room … with hypnotising religious lights … is if Owen Campbell played there.

Enough with the pop-tarts. Australia you happy dummies, get the African-American-Australian Blues!

Feb 1, 2020 Owen Campbell Band, Live at Lazybones Lounge “Sunshine Road”

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9 Thoughts to “Owen Campbell Band, Live at Lazybones Lounge “Sunshine Road””

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Hypnotising religious lights? I didnt notice any – guess I must have been hypnotised…

    the band ‘Tyde’ had funny looking symbols for the Y and the E on the screen above them maybe what you saw
    Great band fronted by very beautiful female guitarist with full live loop station with octave pedals for harmonies all done live whilst playing guitar – very talented…
    Have a listen to them I think you would like them
    no songs about smoko in their repertoire tho unfortunately
    maybe some bass player kissing – she was beautiful too…

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    ahhh those lights… are they religiously hypnotising?

    Stars of Solomon that was ages ago – I remember them they are a great fun band to see

    1. See, you are hypnotised by the cult of King Solomon. One of his 700 wives was an Egyptian witch that converted him at the Romper Room flashing those 666 (6 points, 6 triangles, 6 sides) lights at him. Every band that plays there has the same tacky backdrop. Over a dozen band videos shows this. https://www.facebook.com/pg/theromparoom/videos/?ref=page_internal

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    “Every band that plays there has the same tracky backdrop”

    well of course – this is what the stage looks like….
    the bands are welcome to bring their own stage decorations if they choose…
    eg Into the Well
    the band with the motorbike handlebars mic stand (cant remember their name)
    many others have some of their own stage props

    I will have a chat to Grant from GT Music try get your mate Owen Campbell booked in there sometime – is he from the Jimmy barnes like david campbell?
    With CBDBs supporting its sure to be a great night – bring all your friends – the bands would get a cut of the bar takings keeping free entry for the punters
    BYO stage lighting if you dont like what is provided but you may have to cut the sets 5 mins short for set-up

    1. Yeah and ask him if it would be OK to flash half a dozen Hindu Sun symbols instead. Hahaha https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Hinduism/Religious_Symbols_of_Hinduism#The_Swastika_Symbol

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    wow so Hitler stole his famous symbol from ancient Hindu ??
    I see copyright lawsuit coming here

    ha how does he take a symbol from the brown people and turn it into a symbol for white supremecy..??
    wheres that lawyer….

    1. Would Grant have a problem flashing that Hindi symbol all night instead? I hope so. Solomon’s descendant King Herod smashed babies against walls. The Solomon Star is a cult gang sign.

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I dont think he would want to get involved in any such dramas

    he is more into having a good time with some original free music for anyone who wants to listen

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