Looking for medical grade Doctor prescribed “off label” Ivermectin in Australia?

Sorry for the cloak and dagger stuff, but that’s the fault of the “gain of function” thugs that have “officially” murdered 8 (almost 9, Pat Cash’s mother) Australians so far with their “provisional” jabs.


UPDATE EDIT: 10 September 2021, the TGA release states Ivermectin can no longer be prescribed by Australian doctors for the use as a ‘Covid-19 treatment’. The same release rattled on about how it’s in short supply (caused by their own actions) They go on worrying about the short supply affecting Aboriginals that use it SAFELY for many of it’s other uses. The wording in the release is dubious..

“Certain specialists including infectious disease physicians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists (liver disease specialists) will be permitted to prescribe ivermectin for other unapproved indications if they believe it is appropriate for a particular patient.” -TGA 10/09/21

So, a head lice, scabies, parasites, and river blindness cure (and a dozen other uses) CAN be used for “unapproved” kidney issues, but not “unapproved” respiratory issues like Covid-19?

Monash University found Ivermectin “eliminates”C-19. That was back in April 2020

Just how long does it take the TGA – Government to look into something cheap and safe?

What a f-ing nightmare…

  • Ivermectin Covid-19 use has killed ZERO (0), none, nobody in Australia!
  • TGA’s “provisional” poisons have ‘officially’ murdered 9+ people. (unofficially over 470)

Lucky, not all in the Government are demons…

“I’m told that Queensland doctors and dentists are stockpiling ivermectin for their families. An internationally respected Australian specialist recently saved 24 very sick patients in quarantine using ivermectin. All quickly recovered. Two others not treated died. Overseas, ivermectin is a prophylactic, stopping COVID transmission. Where vaccines are failing, ivermectin is succeeding. How many deaths would have been saved if the health minister had acted?” -Australian Senator Roberts August 12, 2021

Iverm*ctin – Why is it banned?

Leave a message in the comments with your real contact email (only I can see it) and I’ll on-forward my emails from Australian doctors that have been legally complying with “off label” Ivermectin. Doesn’t hurt to reach out early in case TGA matters change.

“NSW Health switches to recording patients as dying ‘with’ Covid instead of ‘from’ after finally acknowledging many of Australia’s 993 casualties died from something else or had even recovered from the virus” –Olivia Day – Daily Mail 29/08/21

Odd how the fear numbers haven’t been revised DOWN after that alarming NSW admission.

ABOVE CDC SCREENSHOT: “Overseas Refugee Health Guidance”

CDC in the USA is giving refugees going into America, Ivermectin.

Yet the rest of us are all told it’s unsafe and only to be used on “horses and cows”.

CDC original link that popped up in April 2021.

ZERO deaths after 6,000 treated? Gee-wiz, Australian media telling us about that?

Where’s our Aussie media reporting tennis legend Pat Cash’s mother almost dying from the “provisional” (experimental) crap?

UK based Pat Cash uses Ivermectin too!

2015 commie WEF founder, Klaus Schwab’s “great reset, new normal” admission – full version

“Conservative” Greg Hunt and those around him, Prince Charles too, loves Klaus, that openly admits ‘they’ (guilt by association and Ivermectin cover-ups) want to change our human “genetics”.

How would they achieve that goal???

Hunt, Morrison, Dr. Young, Dr. Chant, Dr. Paul Kelly, John Skerritt and other democide practitioners, get out of my doctors office!!!

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14 Thoughts to “Looking for medical grade Doctor prescribed “off label” Ivermectin in Australia?”

  1. Dennis Gilles

    Hi looking for a Doc to prescribe Ivermectin. Thanks

  2. Dennis Gilles

    Hi looking for a Doc to prescribe Ivermectin in Melbourne. Thanks

  3. Thoo Chee Kong

    Looking for a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin for my son in Sydney please
    much appreciated

  4. Rebekah

    Hi looking for Australian doctor to prescribe ivemectin, thanks

  5. Nick

    Hi, Looking for a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin in NSW please, much appreciated.

  6. Tashi

    Hello, please can you assist me with finding a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin .
    Thank you kindly

    1. G’day. September 10, 2021 TGA banned all Australian doctors prescribing it for Covid use.
      If I was sick and with nothing else left to lose, I’d get grab a tube of stuff from the link.
      I’d be very careful to read the weights. If I weighed 600kg, one tube would be one dose.
      As I actually weigh 100kg, that one tube would last me for 6 doses.
      But that’s what I would do. I am not offering medical advice.

  7. cameron goodworth

    I Join you in your sentiments re the early treatment of covid with tried and true medicines. Would you please advise of Dr’s names, in the Sydney area, who may be of assistance in this matter?

    Here’s hoping a change of federal government will bring us some reform in this area

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