eBay drags heals on Australian import GST avoiding criminals

Last week I spent extra (rare for tight assed me) on postage from a supposed Australian eBay seller – item was a little MD81 wi-fi camera Same thing shipped from China by Chinese sellers is cheaper even with the Australian GST import tax. I needed the camera fast. Item location? Supposedly Botany NSW .. 1000 km trip in 4 or 5 working days max, no sweat. With tied eyes scanning advert after advert for an hour, I settled on one with the Australian Flag on it. OK I though, then…

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Aussie babies going without because of Chinese grannies?

granny love milk

Over the years since the end of the one child policy, stocks of baby milk formula in China have been low to nil … or deadly. Plan B. buy up safe baby milk powder from foreign countries. Australia is one of the targeted countries. Chinese citizens visiting and living in Australia, are cleaning out our supermarkets and sending our supplies back to commie China where it’s then  on-sold at exorbitant prices to dry tittied mothers. Today while trying to find the ‘human placenta Chinese restaurant’ video I watched a few…

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War is (still) a (immature) racket

Why do we still war?

Courier Mail ran a story today about Russian submarines in our Pacific region. Personally I have no issue with Russia … It’s the drills they run with commie China that grabs my attention. Then again, Russia hates NATO building themselves up around Russia … yet here they are basing  subs (and whatever else) in our Pacific region. Usually folks in the heavily moderated Couriermail comment section (unlike the free flowing RT.com comments section) waffle on about how one side will beat the other … and or go on about the…

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