Quick easy free way to cut down on porn spam emails

My Thunderbird email client has 23 different email accounts in it for various websites and purposes. A few are with my ISP, some with Gmail, Hotmail … some with Yahoo, Live and the rest with my own websites. Without fail, I was getting 30+ per day from those cow urine aftershave wearing

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eBay drags heals on Australian import GST avoiding criminals

Last week I spent extra (rare for tight assed me) on postage from a supposed Australian eBay seller – item was a little MD81 wi-fi camera Same thing shipped from China by Chinese sellers is cheaper even with the Australian GST import tax. I needed the camera fast. Item location? Supposedly Botany NSW .. 1000 km trip in 4 or 5 working days max, no sweat. With tied eyes scanning advert after advert for an hour, I settled on one with the Australian Flag on it. OK I though, then…

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Insane Pommie Furze and his spinning knife belt of death

colin furze knife belt

#colinfurze #knifebelt I don’t watch his videos much any-more, as they haven’t been as dangerous as his earlier Youtube career videos … until now. Bomb belts are so yesterday. How about a belt of spinning chief’s knives? Hahahaha … this one made me laugh this morning … what a right royal dick head (aka ‘bell end’ in Furze’s English) you are Mr Colin Furze 🙂 Bit odd Youtube allowing under 18’s to watch this though.

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