Rooftopper LCD Test: If your stomach doesn’t churn you need a bigger screen

angela nikolau

While catching up on the UK TV series (I watch it online) “Our Guy in Russia” today, Guy, (the guys name in the guy show about the guy, is Guy .. haha) visited Russian “Rooftoppers”. The Rooftoppers do what their name suggests – amazing very high up dangerous death defying performances … OK stupid bloody illegal stunts to impress folks to pay them monkey money for risking their lives. I’m OK with that, but if they fall and land on innocent people and kill them … and or the janitor…

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War is (still) a (immature) racket

Why do we still war?

Courier Mail ran a story today about Russian submarines in our Pacific region. Personally I have no issue with Russia … It’s the drills they run with commie China that grabs my attention. Then again, Russia hates NATO building themselves up around Russia … yet here they are basing¬† subs (and whatever else) in our Pacific region. Usually folks in the heavily moderated Couriermail comment section (unlike the free flowing comments section) waffle on about how one side will beat the other … and or go on about the…

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