Community Spamming: ‘Uber Eats’ drove me back to AdBlocker

I hardly watch free to air TV (been a year since I turned it on) but I can imagine it’s just as bad there. Youtube, Courier Mail and everywhere else I go on the internet, I’m getting spammed with ‘Uber Eats’ advertising. If I want something to eat, I’ll hop in my own flipping car, go shopping … and cook my own flipping burgers.

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Insane Pommie Furze and his spinning knife belt of death

colin furze knife belt

#colinfurze #knifebelt I don’t watch his videos much any-more, as they haven’t been as dangerous as his earlier Youtube career videos … until now. Bomb belts are so yesterday. How about a belt of spinning chief’s knives? Hahahaha … this one made me laugh this morning … what a right royal dick head (aka ‘bell end’ in Furze’s English) you are Mr Colin Furze 🙂 Bit odd Youtube allowing under 18’s to watch this though.

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Tongue Bath Time

I get a chuckle from Canadian Prank channel ‘Just For Laughs’ (JFL) now and then. It’s a good place to study human reactions in unheard of situations … such as a stranger licking ice cream off someone else’s child’s face. The offending stranger is probably the boys real mother. Glad they didn’t use the boys real father instead. Odd isn’t it … if it’s the boys real mother folks go along with it, but if it was the boys real father … cringe and CPS time … and rightly so.…

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