Southport to Broadbeach Night Panorama Free Wallpaper

When I get bored, I either get on the booze and play bad guitar, or grab a camera and go looking for stuff to photograph. It was going to be a booze and bad guitar night, but while at Dan’s in Southport picking up the plonk, I took a wrong back street and ended up…

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Review: Russell ‘Cringe’ Coight Season 03 … so far.

season 3 russell cringe coight

I was excited when hearing the news a couple months back, that Russell Coight (Australian Bloke that makes Superman look like Freddie Mercury in a sissy frock) was coming back for another season on the telly (Aussie slang for ‘idiot box’) …. but I only just today caught up with the first three new season 3 episodes. Geez Russ, all I can say is, thanks for the nap. Every gag …. balls squashed or zapped in

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Rooftopper LCD Test: If your stomach doesn’t churn you need a bigger screen

angela nikolau

While catching up on the UK TV series (I watch it online) “Our Guy in Russia” today, Guy, (the guys name in the guy show about the guy, is Guy .. haha) visited Russian “Rooftoppers”. The Rooftoppers do what their name suggests – amazing very high up dangerous death defying performances … OK stupid bloody illegal stunts to impress folks to pay them monkey money for risking their lives. I’m OK with that, but if they fall and land on innocent people and kill them … and or the janitor…

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