Southport to Broadbeach Night Panorama Free Wallpaper

When I get bored, I either get on the booze and play bad guitar, or grab a camera and go looking for stuff to photograph.

It was going to be a booze and bad guitar night, but while at Dan’s in Southport picking up the plonk, I took a wrong back street and ended up…driving past the football field down near Sundall bridge.

Sundall Bridge, Southport (Australia) – full resolution click to enlarge

The footy field flood lights were on and it looked cool.

So I grabbed the old Panasonic DMC-TZ18 and tripod from the Bubble boot, and went for walk along the river side.

14.1mp compact is limited for it’s age (circa 2010), but in ‘night shot’ with 8 seconds open shutter, I don’t think it did too bad. (I only paid $20 for it off Gumtree)

Gold Coast Night Panorama 9987 x 1535 – full resolution click to enlarge

I joined four shots into a panorama, from Sundall bridge down to Broadbeach. Poop, only one star out last night. (left of the Q1 and up a bit)

Looks OK “fit width and maintain aspect ratio” across my dual 42″ and 22″ screens, but a pain in Windows 7 without free third party software like DisplayFusion

Sadly there’s nothing much else at night to snap on the Gold Coast. I later drove on 7km more to the Chevron Island bridge for a shot or two.

But nah, no lights – it’s in the dark with Mayor Tom Tate.

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4 Thoughts to “Southport to Broadbeach Night Panorama Free Wallpaper”

  1. Raff.

    Piccies aren’t bad at all, take more!
    Having said that I should get off my arse and take some night shots myself for that matter.

  2. G’day, thanks, but don’t zoom in too much 🙂 Yes get ya kit out. I’d get a better rig but as this CNN page shows, subject matter usually matters most. Kevin Carter’s 1993 shot of the African girl and vulture still stuns me.

  3. Raff.

    Nothing wrong with your photos, as you say the subject matter is the bit that matters. get yourself a Pentax digital SLR, that’s my suggestion, they are like the Subaru of the camera world, and can be found for at times peanuts. I got a K200D on gumtree for example for $40. I have quite a few Pentax cameras now, as I like them so much. Don’t worry too much about how many megapixels, truth is anything 6m and above is fine for up to A4 sized prints.
    I’m up for some night photos if you like, give me a shout sometime while the weathers good at night.

    1. Cool, Teds shows the K200D was $750 in 2008. Ironically not much more than my compact when new. That’s a lot of wasted booze money 🙂 Geez, check this witchcraft out. . Fricking mobile phone without retractable lens (plural) zooming into those tiles on the player board 150+ meters away. Considering the shit Huawei (aka Xi Jinpings chicom ass kissers) is in, those phones might be real cheap soon too. I’d pay $40 for one just as a camera. 🙂 😉

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