Home-made 3 cylinder 2 stroke motor from AC compressor

On Y-tube looking for safe ways to disarm a LiPo battery … then this on the side-preview area caught my eye…

Complete waste of time, but for a small engine monkey like myself it was interesting to watch.

Dude turns an old car AC (air conditioning) compressor unit into a 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine.

I knew about inlet and exhaust ports, but never really gave ‘transfer ports’ and ‘reed vales’ much thought before – and his little home made carburettor that visually shows the basic science behind a ‘venturi’ style system.

Ow and the crude but function ignition coil set-up.

After so much attention to detail with everything else, I almost cried when he twisted bare wires onto the 12v battery. (instead diy copper terminals)

I’m not sure how long it’ll last as the three pistons have no sealing compression rings – which I found odd that he didn’t go to the trouble on a small lathe to make.

There’s no battery charging system for the remote pick-up sensors, but my guess is the motor would seize long before that 12v sealed battery would go flat.

And a cylinder head made out of 12mm see through perspex with all that combustion heat? (done on purpose to show the engine firing for the views)

Or, just go to the dump shop and pick up an old whipper snipper for $10 🙂

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10 Thoughts to “Home-made 3 cylinder 2 stroke motor from AC compressor”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    where is the ‘like’ button…?

  2. Its Chopper

    I watched that video a while back, its great isn’t it? There is another one where a bloke makes a miniature see through rotary engine

    Cool eh?

  3. 29,000 RPM is nice, but usable torque is nice too. I wouldn’t trust that rotary on a paraglider. Few years back I seen a US show called ‘Disease Brothers’. Watched five minutes then turned it off .. bore the shit out of me. Recently I downloaded all ep’s and binge watched them all. They’re still dickheads with lame puns, but I’m interested in diesel now days. 121 needs a Cummings soon. Good to catch up with you both today 🙂

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    its Cummins
    there are no orgasms involved until you drive it…

    1. Dang, my comment was hacked. Originally it was ‘Dickhead Brothers’ (they’re both Mormons) and Isuzu. (a Cummings won’t fit). Dam Darwinese.

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Last week, pulled a root
    In the back, of my ute
    I was cautious, double wrapped
    But I still got the clap…

    The Chats have a brand new song – The Clap

    Dodge (starring the bottlo attendant from Ashmore Tav on drums) headlining the Rompa Room tonight from 8pm with The Midnight Infirmary, Dreams of Indigo and Sellin’ Petrol playing their first live gig

    1. Sellin’ what? First gig? At yesterdays gig, they were called ‘Splashin’ Petrol’ (while picking up their dole checks) https://www.9news.com.au/national/wollongong-centrelink-police-called-man-douses-office-with-petrol/e68f9fe2-e8a9-492c-9392-e78f8aa564f5

  6. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I think they were planning a ‘warm-up’ gig…..
    Lets hope they are hot tonight
    Im sure their blistering guitar solos will go off with a bang…
    insert more petrol related puns here

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