Vehicle battery load testing and Infinitum Desulfator update

July 2018, 13 months ago, my car battery dropped it’s guts at the worst time … while I was broke. I wrote about it here.

This is a 13 month update on that $40 gamble. Turns out I was a winner winner, with enough left over … later for a chicken dinner.

I’ve been using my old ‘Infinitum Desulfator’ again which may have helped a bit. More details are in the video.

This little plastic thing thats over $50 can handle up to 1000CCA tests? No thanks.

The good thing about these testers is the large copper wire inside that the load passes through.

The more expensive and smaller digital jobs (left) don’t have the same guts.

I weeded through all the Australian eBay sellers (about 12 of them) selling these testers and picked this one with the best feedback (99.4%) and more than 10 in stock with free shipping all for under $25.00.

(my commission comes out of eBay’s commission so you pay no extra)

08/04/20 Update: The $40 gamble battery lasted 21 months

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