Silly customer wastes $400+ for new clutch on $20 death trap

While looking for videos on how to change a Mazda 121 clutch, (I’ve never done a front wheel drive before) only one close, a 626, came up. The mechanic dude sounds like a Canadian sandal n socks wearing chats fan, although his Rusty Belt Auto channel says USA. From the start (funny sounding Canadian accent) he’s pissed off with the customer (not there) and the car … walks around it showing how rusted and worthless it is. $20+ at the scarp yard.

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Home-made 3 cylinder 2 stroke motor from AC compressor

On Y-tube looking for safe ways to disarm a LiPo battery … then this on the side-preview area caught my eye… Complete waste of time, but for a small engine monkey like myself it was interesting to watch. Dude turns an old car AC (air conditioning) compressor unit into a 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine. I knew about inlet and exhaust ports, but never really gave ‘transfer ports’ and

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Insane Pommie Furze and his spinning knife belt of death

colin furze knife belt

#colinfurze #knifebelt I don’t watch his videos much any-more, as they haven’t been as dangerous as his earlier Youtube career videos … until now. Bomb belts are so yesterday. How about a belt of spinning chief’s knives? Hahahaha … this one made me laugh this morning … what a right royal dick head (aka ‘bell end’ in Furze’s English) you are Mr Colin Furze 🙂 Bit odd Youtube allowing under 18’s to watch this though.

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How to gamble $40 and beat the Casino, Guaranteed!

australian money

Being the broke guy I am, I shudder when I find out I need to spend money on anything that’s not food or booze. My dammed car battery dropped it’s guts last week. New cheap assed pissy ones at Super Cheap Auto (SCA) start at $117. Last time I checked their site a few years back, they had new ones for $50 and 6 month warranties. No way was I paying $117+ just for a battery. The whole car only cost me $250. (1993 model worth $16,000 new) Plan A,…

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