I’m not sure when it happened: Metamorphosis from Aussie Bloke into web nerd

web nerds

Last week it was three days straight figuring out how to save an online forums content from the history bin … this week it’s been a two day slog learning how to build an online shop…on my own websites. (any half-assed non-nerd can use not-so-geeky eBay) Wiped my old mower site (archived on my free host), moved the domain, and started fresh with a CMS (web nerd talk for whatever…I know the answer but don’t want to say it..because it’s embarrassing knowing) and popular commerce plugin (I’m not dropping any…

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Dang, after three years of doubt I’m now a ‘Flyboard Air’ believer

Flyboard Air

It’s been three years or so since I first seen a French guy standing on a tiny jet powered platform, supposedly flying around at 150km. All the past videos of this French guy, I one way or another ended up coming across, were so polished that they looked fake. The polished videos looked like they were filmed at midday when shadows were minimal and hard to see. Most videos were always over water, yet hardly ever any visible water disturbance was seen from the supposed seven mini jet engines. There…

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How to gamble $40 and beat the Casino, Guaranteed!

australian money

Being the broke guy I am, I shudder when I find out I need to spend money on anything that’s not food or drink. My dammed car battery dropped it’s guts last week. New cheap assed pissy ones at Supercrap Auto (SCA) start at $117. Last time I checked their site a few years back, they had new ones for $50 and 6 month warranties. No way was I paying $117+ just for a battery. The whole car only cost me $250. (1993 model worth $16,000 new) Plan A, nick…

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SMF Repair (Fail) Tool

smf repair tool fail

I’ve been using SMF Forum on my CB radio hobby site for 10+ years with various web hosts.  While moving GCCB this week, the SMF Repair Tool had me stumped. It kept saying no data engine could be found, even though the correct user, password and database name was entered … and it also kept recommending I use https rather than http (http is all I have) I must have wasted 6 hours screwing around because of this “tool” … eventual problem was the database backup from the old host…

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Hello (spherical) world!

Only good thing about the creeping cashless nwo society is the easy (Paypal) refund option  when Domino’s Ashmore makes another crap pizza with stuff  all pepperoni. First post about … well nothing much. Last web host’s (Zuver) annual $36 bill came today … bugger that .. good value for what I got … but takes me two weeks to make that much selling peanut shells … so I just pointed rodneystevens.com to a free web host … thus the odd looking rms.x10host.com address (rms aka my initials) [2019 update: now…

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