Prediction: No publicly available Covid-19 vaxx until Bill Gates gets his ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ order


My eyes almost popped out tonight. Last week I speculated that beast Bill Gates would come up with some way to microchip the global public; but tonight I found out he’s already doing it.


He wants to tattoo us (those alive in 12+ months) with “digital certificates” that inject under the skin at the same time as the “vaccine” is injected.

12+ months from now with the global death toll in the millions, even scared “Mark of the beast” fearing Christians will flock to beast Gates, and receive his ‘medical tattoo’ placed inside them via the coming ‘miracle’ vaccination … a vaxx against that level 4 bio-lab mess from Wuhan China.

If you don’t take his tatt-chip, you won’t be allowed into public areas, planes, ships, shops etc, because you’ll be labelled a ‘public health risk’, a ‘traitor to humanity’, a ‘threat to children’. (they love using the children, while letting the children go to school while banning 6 or more adults at funerals)

You won’t be able to work, because customers and bosses will find out, on beast Gates global register app, that you’re probably unclean, and didn’t obey beast Bill and take his ‘Mark’

This ‘Biohackinfo’ website supports Gates, and is bragging (read authors first reply in the comments) with direct links to MIT etc showing the sort after vax-chip is real.

Gates is also funding something called “ID2020”. The project has something called a “Certification Mark“.

Yeah, because “Mark of the Beast” doesn’t sound trendy enough.

Gates wants to  stick another chip under our skin … an RFID chip.

What is it with theses beasts and their desires to stick their patent copyright protected shit inside our bodies? Once they, Monsanto etc, genitally modify something like corn, they claim to own it. Beast Gates going to own those that have his tatt-chip?

I predict, until beast Gates’s ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ are ready, there will be no publicly available Covid-19 “vaccines”.

Many extra will die while waiting for MIT and Rice University to get Bill Gates “tracking” chips ready. They will probably to be mass produced in the same communist country that this BS was released from.

MEANWHILE, a couple of days ago the New York Post reported that intravenous high dose Vitamin C is being used in NYC.

That won’t make beast Gates happy if that works. Although the trial will probably ‘fail’ because they are also using toxic “sexy drugs” at the same time. How ridiculous.

NZ farmer Alan Smith was cured of H1N1 Swine Flu with nothing but high dose Vitamin C

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2 Thoughts to “Prediction: No publicly available Covid-19 vaxx until Bill Gates gets his ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ order”

  1. not the former artist formerly known as the bush in fear of my safety

    yea well all you clowns insist on living your lives on social media….
    Im just thankful that mystery meat sausages have returned to the shelves of my local independent (Drakes) supermarket…
    hey? the internet didnt do that…
    real hard working people did it – and just in the nick of time too…

    ban all social media… fuck it – turn the internet off – we dont actually need it…
    the world would be a much better place without your zuckerbergens and gates’es’s infecting the world with bio germs just so that they can remain relative and essential….
    and of course massively profitable…
    no one else benefiting from this anywhere in the world….
    zuckerbergen had a million face masks horded just in case they were ever needed???
    and then donates them to the world as if he is just a nice guy????
    the same week that gates “retired” ???
    wake up people….

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