Scientists working on more convenient way to kill Australian population

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A new monthly birth control pill that slowly releases hormones over 29 days could replace the daily doses taken by millions of women worldwide -DailyMail read more

Ow the headache of having to take a single pill everyday so-as-to not get pregnant after the local football team goes through you…. ow girls, what a chore that must be.

I just want my orgasms!

Good news girls! The humanist friendly white coats are working on making the ‘new world order’ depopulation plan even easier.

Just one pill per month! Just one!

More orgasms for you, and less future Anglo-Saxon tax payers for Australia!

What are you waiting for? More O’s, less B’s!

Pre-order your 150 pill bottle now!

Use promo code ‘I hate Anglo-Saxon babies’ to get 99% off your first batch.

Daily Mail comments area 05/12/19

How nasty! Pesky people like that Beer o’Clock should shut up and let the new-age zoomer girls get on with their orgasms and botox treatments…

Too busy for parenthood? Get ‘Baboon Vagina Faced’!

…just like wonderful childless boomer Kylie Minogue. What a wonderful role model ‘our Kylie’ is.

source: ABS website

The government should shut up too!!!!!

Girls, grab your Doxy Massage Wands, and beat those pro-baby ass holes back into the (peak) 1960’s  where they belong! Nasty!

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2 Thoughts to “Scientists working on more convenient way to kill Australian population”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Can I get some of these pills? I want the oversized baboon lips as it looks so attractive

  2. The female hormone pills will give you boobs. The ‘vag lips’ are via cat piss injections. Maybe we can also interest you in a celebrity faecal transplant too? Southpark’s second recent ep ran with that theme for some reason. There must be a new poop swapping trend going on in Clown World.

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