Cash is King: Use it or we’ll lose it

The dream of a ‘cashless new world order’ has been around as long and the international usury banksters have had access to computers.

The push for the ‘cashless’ BS and the scum bags seeking it really became evident after China gave the world their CCP-virus (Covid-19)

Last week I needed some fuel line from the local Supercheap Auto store.

As I approached the front door, a female staffer posted out front, asked me if I was paying with cash.

WTF, was my first reaction.

Had the international banksters taken over already, and those with cash being turned away, not able to buy or sell at Supercheap anymore?

I replied: “No cash is king, and that’s all I use”

She then waved me on into the store.

‘Gee, a bit dark in here, what’s going on’, I asked another staffer with a torch, tasked with going into the dark and collecting what-ever the customers wanted.

Local blackout or all of the Gold Coast? Power company 300 meters up the road where doing some work.

No power meant no computers running EFTPOS garbage.

I don’t remember the last time a store gave me a hand written receipt.

At this point I was hoping all of the Gold Coast had gone dark, and only those with cash, were customer kings!

Folks caught in the 2019-20 bushfires had no working ATM’s to use either. Don’t let cash die!

Dude being wet sprayed with ‘hypochlorous acid’

All these months later after the CCP-virus outbreak, and some clown finally comes up with this ‘wet mist tunnel’ to get people into the stands watching football again.

I’d never heard of ‘hypochlorous acid’ before today

Yeah, so get your whole body, skin, clothing, shoes, jewellery all sprayed with hypochlorous acid mist, yet nothing on a smaller scale to pass cash through for a quick clean too?

When /if wave two of the CCP-virus hits in the next week or so, when /if those twits breaking social distancing rules start showing signs … I’ll have to put up with more cashless promotion BS.

Bloody CCP-virus! (Contactless Currency Programming virus)

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