Wow cool – my new Doctor is a conspiracy tin foil hat wearer too!

My new Doctor (first one I’ve had in 30 years) sent me an appointment update email today…but with this other info too.

As soon as I seen the name “Klaus Schwab” (the real life villain out of Bond movies) in the list below, I started laughing. Wow, my new Doctor is a “tin foil hat” wearer like me.

Although, if anyone’s noticed, it’s those like NSW CHO Dr. Kerry Chant and NSW Health Chief Brad Hazzard of late spouting the “New World Order” BS around. Darn MSM not even blinking an eye lid when they do…ow, because they do it now too!

I haven’t met my new Blues Doctor (he likes Blues music too) in person yet, but I know we’ll get on well.

Disclaimer, I get no commissions from the book sales on the linked info site below. The Wikipedia page on Dr. Breggin is pretty clean. And he’s mates with Dr. Peter McCullough that I’ve been a fan of for a while. I owe my new Doctor a few favours, so will happily help promote one of his International colleagues. No “I” in team. -Rodney


By Peter R. Breggin MD

Based On

COVID-19 and The Global Predators: We Are the Prey

by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin

The book can be purchased on

Permission is granted to reproduce this report in its entirety or in part with attribution to the authors. September 14, 2021


Societies and economies have been crushed in the Western World and among many of its allies. Individual freedom and personal liberty have been restricted. Citizens en masse have become passive, docile, obedient, and spiritless in the face of increasing top-down government. The justification for all this oppression is the need for “public health measures” to control of COVID-19.  In reality, the aim of COVID-19 policies and practices have always been to crush all effective treatments in order to justify VACCINES under the rules of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The spike protein on SARS COV-2 is the weapon for accruing more wealth and power through dominating humanity. When we examine the facts, the following becomes apparent:


  1. COVID-19 is less dangerous than the seasonal flu to children and young adults, and most deaths are among people who are past their average lifespan. Most of those deaths could be prevented with proper home-based early treatment.
  2. Physicians and their patients, especially in America and other Western democracies, are stopped from using very effective early treatments that reduce hospitalization by 87% and reduce deaths by 75%. Many physicians report only a few hospitalizations and almost no deaths after treating hundreds and thousands of patients. The measures to prevent doctors from treating their patients have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands and probably millions of people.
  3. Children are not only relatively safe from COVID-19, but they also benefit hugely by catching it and developing lifelong immunity to many varieties of coronavirus infections. They not only serve themselves but also contribute to community or herd immunity. Yet forced jabs are being inflicted on them.
  4. Citizens everywhere, as well as health professionals, are being censored, threatened, and harmed for voicing any personal, professional, or scientific criticism of COVID-19 policies and practices, especially about vaccinations.
  5. Experimental injections of genetic materials in the form of RNA and DNA are making normal people into GMO human experiments. The so-called vaccinations are really unprecedented, dangerous genetic experiments. Animal research from 2008 to 2020 demonstrated that these vaccinations would be ineffective and too dangerous to test on humans; but governments are trying to force every citizen, even children, to take them and then to take unlimited boosters. Why everyone? To wring out as much wealth as possible and, more importantly, to crush all dissent.
  6. Deaths from the vaccines reported to the CDC are astronomical at over 13,000 in the U.S—more than 130 times the average annual total of all deaths from all vaccines. Anytime in the past, a vaccine with much less than 130 deaths would be cancelled. But the governments ignore it. Vaccine deaths may exceed COVID-19 deaths. While vaccine deaths are minimized, COVID-19 deaths are vastly exaggerated to cause fear.
  7. In addition to dying, “vaccinated” people are becoming reinfected with COVID-19, causing some to become especially ill and to die.
  8. Governments make up irrational excuses to force the “unvaccinated” to submit, proving the oppression cannot be resisted.

 Totalitarian measures are overwhelming relatively free nations, weakening them and transforming them into authoritarian states. There is no end in sight, with global warming now being revived as a threat, as in Gates’ new 2021 book on climate change. When we examined each and every irrational, authoritarian policy and practice in the name of COVID-19, we found a single explanation: The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 has become a weapon used to vastly increase the wealth of the elite while increasing their exploitive domination of humanity.

But how could such a strategy have been implemented?

These events track back to very careful planning among billionaires, powerful companies and foundations, and U.S. government agencies at least as far back as 2010 when Bill Gates, with Anthony Fauci’s support, announced the Decade of the Vaccine. An obvious opening shot was fired by Gates announcing the Decade of the Vaccine, but ultimately the search for global predators leads to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its decades old stealth war to dominate America and the West on its way to a global Chinese Communist Empire.

Negative emotions attached to covid-19–fear, plus guilt, shame and anxiety—are used to drive docility, conformity, indecisiveness, confusion, & apathy. This justifies and enables top-down government & totalitarianism for the exploitation of humanity by the few. Calamities used to drive fear & other negative emotions are opportunistic, including pandemics, global warming, world hunger, or  progressive demands for justice, equity & human rights. The real goal is the destruction of western democracies and their ideals of patriotism, constitutional government, individualism, and political freedom.  


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) had a third trustee and big donor,  Warren Buffett, who recently resigned and distanced himself. In addition, Melinda has sued for divorce. Both acts suggest disillusionment with Gates. Bill Gates uses BMGF to invest in pharmaceuticals and other high-profit areas, plowing back money into his foundation, thus creating more wealth to further empower him. Gates also invests personally in pharmaceuticals. He started another fund, CEPI, in 1916-17, which focuses on making profits from vaccines. His escalating wealth, even while remaining in foundations, enables Gates to exert power throughout the world with other predator partners. predators, including the CCP.


His WEF has, for decades, been organizing foundations, government agencies, businesses, and world leaders into what became the Great Reset in 2020. His website offers amazingly detailed organizational

designs. As the intellectual leader, Schwab cofounded CEPI with Gates. In their New World Order, elites lead institutions and agencies in an unrestrained global governance beyond the control of nation states. Schwab has

written that a patriotic, democratic U.S. with America-First policies is the greatest threat to globalism. President Trump therefore became the ultimate enemy of globalism while the CCP continues to be seen as a trusted ally.


Top WHO funders include the U.S., China, and Gates (through 3 foundations). When Trump withdrew the U.S. in 2020, new Gates’ donations saved WHO. WHO and its parent group, the UN, are very close with  China. The Director of WHO before Tedros was a Chinese Canadian physician, the much- criticized Margaret Chan. Ping Liyuan, a WHO Goodwill Ambassador, is the wife of President Xi Jinping. Tedros was  handpicked by China as the first non-physician director, and is a feared and reviled Communist. Through CEPI, Bill Gates made a Memorandum of Understanding with WHO that divides up the world governance between them during a pandemic. Gates controls the growth of pharmaceutical wealth and WHO controls worldwide medical/scientific standards.  Gates’ power and WHO’s authority combine to impose an astonishing lockstep control over worldwide medicine and science.


Fauci is very close to Bill Gates, Tedros, and China. He funded the  U.S./Chinese collaboration that created the line of SARS-CoV leading to pandemic. He funded researchers at Wuhan Institute, which is a military facility.

(See section below on the CCP). Fauci partnered with Gates in 2010 announcing the Decade of the Vaccine and was involved in the early development of Gates’ CEPI. Fauci funds some of the CCP vaccine/weapons research through a foundation, EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Peter Daszak, who organized a letter to Lancet with world scientists denying  the obvious Wuhan origin of COVID-19. Lancet and WHO officially relied on him to “investigate” the origin of pandemic! Betrayal by scientific journals is extensive as JAMA publishes a fraudulent article about hydroxychloroquine deaths that terrifies American doctors. The patients were intentionally overdosed and killed. For the first time in Western history, doctors are told they cannot treat their patients.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG The head of the New Economy Forum (NEF) is the billionaire former NYC mayor who supports the CCP ahead of the USA. In November 2020, he held a virtual conference celebrating the end of Trump’s tenure and the rise of President Biden and his climate czar John Kerry, who quickly announced the Great Reset as U.S. policy. Cosponsored by the CCP, it touted “recoupling” with China. China’s President Xi Jinping and meeting cohost Vice-President Wang Qishan shined. Moderna, Tedros, Daszak & Gates celebrated vaccines. Other unashamed globalists included Bill & Hillary, Tony Blair, Kissinger, Janet Yellen, and Henry Paulson. Very top execs  represented McDonalds, IBM, Mastercard, Fed Ex, Prudential, Goldman Saks, Honeywell, and the Banks of China, India & England, plus former government heads—all united in ending “America First” and returning to “China First” and their unimpeded global predation. This conference should erase any doubt about whether the CCP benefitted from their probably intentional release of SARS-CoV-2.

We were shocked to find that every global predator we investigated is linked to China and hence the Chinese Communist Party. All or most of them deny that China seeks to build the Chinese Communist Empire of the World.  As best as we can ascertain, none of top billionaires except Larry Ellison ever speak about loving America, cherishing the flag, and defending individual and political liberty. All of the global predators are deluded in thinking that the CCP will continue collaborating with them after they have helped to render America defenseless and helpless. Without America to protect them from engulfment by the Chinese Communist Party, the global predators will be as doomed as the rest of humanity.

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