What do #babies, #cats, #bushfires, Celeste Barber and Tony Abbott have in common?

What do babies, cats, bushfires, Celeste Barber, Tony Abbott and storks have in common?

Baby: What’s behind the door? Help me find out will ya? Cat: Geeez!

Source DM

Geezee-peezie, and we have many more hot weeks to go.

Recent past and present bushfire graphic made using NASA satellite imagery.

Aussie comedian: Celeste Barber

I’d never heard of her until a month ago. She’s become famous the last few years for mimicking photos of retarded millionaire celebrities posing like #uckwits.

Last five days, Celeste has raised $45,000,000+ for the RFS; while supposedly more famous Nicole Kidman could only conjure up $500,000.

I’m not a compulsory ‘spread the wealth around’ commie, but if you’re going to whine about climate like Greg Norman does … yet donate nothing back of the millions gained from treeless golf courses … then you can shut the #uck up!

No rest for the wicked: Tony Abbott

It’s hard to believe I like this prick now days.

Large one, Malcolm Turdball … little one, Tony Abbott – source

His own party kicked him out of the nest – which pissed me off for wasting our time and money voting only 24 months earlier.

Abbott’s the same prick that helped get Pauline Hanson wrongfully jailed. Then again, she’s forgiven him, so I guess I’ll try too.

Gotta get him back in some how. That Hill Song joker needs to go!

Anyway, so what do they all have in common? Not sure, teamwork maybe … I just wanted to post that funny baby and cat video.


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