Canadian free-loaders and Sunshine Coast bogans related?

What do you get when you mix elderly Canadians sponging off Australian tax payers, and Sunshine Coast carrot-tops wearing socks and sandals?

I have no idea. I had two things to post about today; neither interesting on their own, so they’ve been merged.

Bloody drought in Australia, and we’re not in control of 89 BILLION litres. Canadian pensioners are getting rich from our water.

A multi-billion dollar Singaporean food company is selling 89,000 megalitres of Australian water to a Canadian pension fund.

It will use the water to irrigate almond trees, in a business venture likely to draw criticism over foreign ownership of farms and water. Daily Mail

Wasting our water on fricking almonds and old foreign pensioners!


Ow, and then there’s these Sunshine Coast bin chickens atop my Youtube ‘recommendations’ list again.

They’re not even plugged in!

Carrot-top should be jailed for that grody bowl cut.

‘The Chats’ pushing Canadianism!!!

WTF, socks and sandals too?

Trying to start a trend?

That’s what almond eating Canadian pensioners wear!!!

When will we wake up?

American ‘Southpark’ cartoon makers tried to warn us ‘aboat’ Canada.
Canadian born comedian John Candy (RIP) tried to warn the world ‘aboat’ Canadians. (4/10 movie)
Canadian pensioner and number one ‘Chats’ fan out and ‘aboat’ searching for almond trees.
‘Trailer Park Boys’ – Canada’s favourite bogan show. (yes I’ve watched every episode and all the specials. I was under a Canadianism spell)
‘Letterkenny’ – what comes out the south end of a north bound bull. Possibly the worst show in the history of TV
‘The Chats’ and ‘Canada’ both start with the letter ‘C’

The film ‘Idiocracy’ is a documentary ‘aboat’ Canadians and The Chats!

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2 Thoughts to “Canadian free-loaders and Sunshine Coast bogans related?”

  1. the former artist formally knows as the bush

    My only hope for the canadian trend-setting chats is that they make enough money to be able to afford the rest of the drum kit
    Perhaps hes not ready for toms…
    Perhaps toms are not required for this style of music…
    Perhaps its a canadian thing…

  2. BREAKING: Friday 27th, The Chats rang Lil Wayne and asked if he’d join their band. Lil Wayne told them to “go to hell”. The Chats asked why. Lil said “I cant be playin two note guitar riffs with yo AusCanadian clown hoe mudda #uckers. I has a reputation to upholds”.

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