“New World Order” ready? French PM bans folks visiting friends. AU PM says no fun for 6+ months

“New world order”? Tuesday March the 17th 2020, Channel 9 Australia. ‘A Current Affair’ Tracy Grimshaw associated that loony NWO ‘conspiracy theory’ phrase with the current global COVID-19 goings on. For decades such media outlets have ridiculed the existence of any such ‘new world order’ (NWO) plan. Plan? Like what?

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Just who are you, 4CRB? Part 2

4CRB replies 26/11/18 to my email “Just who are you, 4CRB?”, sent 23/11/18 Rodney I’d prefer to respond to your email by a phone call if you are happy to talk. Can you provide a contact number if so? Kindest Regards, Steve Stuttle | Executive Director My 26/11/18 email reply… Hello there slippery slope conformists … You want to verbally defend playing “rock and roll” on a “Christian” radio station? Written word is more diplomatic – nothing is lost in translation, and the results are easily printable for the Christian…

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War is (still) a (immature) racket

Why do we still war?

Courier Mail ran a story today about Russian submarines in our Pacific region. Personally I have no issue with Russia … It’s the drills they run with commie China that grabs my attention. Then again, Russia hates NATO building themselves up around Russia … yet here they are basing  subs (and whatever else) in our Pacific region. Usually folks in the heavily moderated Couriermail comment section (unlike the free flowing RT.com comments section) waffle on about how one side will beat the other … and or go on about the…

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Review: Love Island (not in) Australia

Love Island Australia Justin 46,XY?

Bored stupid last week, I caved in and downloaded the pilot episode of “Idiocracy” (movie) meets “Big Brother” (TV programming for morons that like strangers watching them defecate) Nah, they call the Channel 9 program, “Love Island Australia” Turns out the Island is in Spain, but anyway … 10 minutes in and it was *ucking awful .. cringe level 10/10 … butt butt butts everywhere, but then an Irish voice over guy that also knew the “reality show” was shit, started running my style of banter over top of that…

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Tongue Bath Time

I get a chuckle from Canadian Prank channel ‘Just For Laughs’ (JFL) now and then. It’s a good place to study human reactions in unheard of situations … such as a stranger licking ice cream off someone else’s child’s face. The offending stranger is probably the boys real mother. Glad they didn’t use the boys real father instead. Odd isn’t it … if it’s the boys real mother folks go along with it, but if it was the boys real father … cringe and CPS time … and rightly so.…

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The Legacy – Little Site on the Internet

the legacy charles ingalls

While watching an old 1982 episode of Little House on the Prairie in 2018, it struck me that an important part of human existence is to make a mark, be remembered, leave a legacy. Otherwise, what’s the point? Born, breed, die? Cockroaches and bugs can do that. Is legacy egoistical thinking? I suppose it depends on what legacy is left. The likes of Stalin left legacies that will be remembered for a long time, but none that I admire. A Little House season 8 episode titled, ‘The Legacy’ opening scene…

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The Rodney Thing – Fundamental Figuring

Tonight while searching “rodney stevens” on Google … to see where rodneystevens.com is on the rank list, I came across the above video from a guy also called, Rodney Stevens. (no relation as I have an Anglo tan) Unlike Matthew, Muhammad, Kamahl and Cheng … Rodney isn’t a common Australian name ; nor are there many famous Rodney’s world wide.  Rodney Rude and Rodney Dangerfield, two coarse comedians .. and that’s about it. Out of curiosity, I watched the above stranger with same name … I have no idea what…

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