Just who are you, 4CRB? Part 2

4CRB replies 26/11/18 to my email “Just who are you, 4CRB?”, sent 23/11/18

Rodney I’d prefer to respond to your email by a phone call if you are happy to talk.

Can you provide a contact number if so?

Kindest Regards,

Steve Stuttle | Executive Director

My 26/11/18 email reply…

Hello there slippery slope conformists …

You want to verbally defend playing “rock and roll” on a “Christian” radio station?

Written word is more diplomatic – nothing is lost in translation, and the results are easily printable for the Christian world to read.

I used to visit folks at the Southport Lodge nursing home … 70+ year olds. Mainly resident, Vincent Childs, good friend, 92 years old. Passed away 8 months ago.
I made him a memorial Facebook page: www.facebook.com/vince.childs.3551

They had 4CRB on in the public areas and told me they were shocked when hearing that noise that drove their children away from the Lord, and into the hippy drug fueled arms of “rock and roll”.

How long before 4CRB starts playing KISS and Metalica?
Maybe wait another decade for the current oldies to kick off first?
Warm them up on the Beetles, “Imagine there’s no religion…it’s easy if you try” fluff first? Ow, you are already doing that.

Every time 4CRB plays “rock and roll”, it remind those 70+ year old God fearing people about the time the world took that turn for the worse. Example, Marilyn Mason.

Maybe it’s law you have to play non-Jesus music now and then? If so what a cop out.
How many ‘rock and roll’ stations are made to play Jesus music half of the day? None!
Maybe “our sponsor” Harvey Norman, etc has non-Jesus conditions?

While 4CRB displays the word “Christian” on it’s website, 4CRB can not defend noise Jesus would shun.

The luke warm 4CRB station should remove the word “Christian”.
You can’t play with the devil, and expect Jesus to love you too.

That’s just plain old fashioned common sense I learnt from the Christian folks at Southport Lodge.

Sad regards,
Rodney Stevens

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