If ants won’t touch margarine, should humans?

Being a sensitive new aged CB radio operator type of guy, I bake my own bread now days. Freedom started 6 months ago.
You should all bake, it’s great wind down therapy after a hard day hearing dullards big noting themselves on #VLT03.
Anyways, 400g flour, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 250ml water, 1.5 teapoons salt, 1.5 teaspoons yeast and one snooker ball sized blob of margarine in each loaf.
Homemade bread stores differently to plastic bagged store stuff with the long list of chemicals.
Homemade bread, like a sweaty CBer’s butt crack while leaning forward into his desk mic… likes to breath.
My fellow ‘Artisans’ and I, have bread tins, and or wrap our loaves in a towel, cloths bags.
I’ve had zero ant and bread problems the last 6 months. (little buggers getting into the kettle was another matter)
Three loafs ago I started using vegetable oil instead. Being a professional CBer that does stuff all, I didn’t have enough money for olive oil.
Geez, woohoo, nice and soft. I ate the first loaf the same day. Oil helps keep the water stay in. My old recipe dried out after 36 hours. (toasting was needed to enjoy the last few slices)
I left the 2nd loaf wrapped in a tea towel, in the oven to cool down. I came back an hour later to find 500+ ants decided to move in. I now use a sealed bin.
Blah blah blah. If ants won’t touch margarine, should humans?

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