Just who are you, 4CRB?

Hello, my name is Rodney Stevens.

I’d like to know what the “C” in 4CRB stands for now days.

Communism? Communist Bolsheviks hate religion.

I was under the impression it meant, “Christian”, yet I hear noise on 4CRB daily that Christ would shun.

Remember when families were God fearing Christians?

A piped piper appeared on TV screens January 28, 1956 moving his hips simulating sexual intercourse.
All those innocent Christian children’s eyes tempted to look away from “C” Christ.

You know whom I’m describing? As an adult, he courted a 14 year old girl called, Priscilla.
You should know, as you play that piped pipers rubbish practical every day.

As I type this (8:15pm) two gents are talking about other piped pipers, ABBA and the Beetles. (“Imagine there’s no religion..it’s easy if you try”)

The older host just used the word “magic” in the same sentence while at the end referring to “God”.

“Magic” is witchcraft. (what BAAL worshippers and King Solomon’s corrupt wife did)

I get it, move with the times … lets all be cool with “rock and roll” (aka sin and sex before marriage) music on a supposed Christian radio station and babies being murdered at five and half months (22 weeks) in Queensland now.


Well that’s what you’re doing?
Moving with BAAL’s agenda? Slipping down it’s slide!
Jesus would shun luke warm YOU, and 90% of the crap you air.

I’m 49, agnostic, with God fearing parents by the way.

Modern Christian music is … and I’m not a big fan … just an example … is, Hill Song.

They offer their “C” Christian music royalty free from places like Youtube.
‘Oceans’ sung by Taya Smith has over 59+ million plays. (makes my agnostic eyes wet)

Do you know the last time I heard Hill Song on 4CRB?


BAAL loves the work you are doing.
By your works, we know thee.

Sad regards,
Rodney Stevens

copy of email sent 22/11/18

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