How they killed Christmas on the Gold Coast

No lights, but still 100% more effort than the local council.

I don’t get out much, but when I do, I tend to see things in another light.

The only Christmas tree (apart from private home front yards) I found while driving around Ashmore last night, was one in the front window of the Ashmore Aldi store. The same store next to the now dead and vacant Holden building.

The Gold Coast City council used to dress the streets up with colourful decorations and tinsel in the bygone years. Not any-more, because as we’re not one Nation any-more.

The Australia Nation is dead and has been replaced with multiple nations. They sold it to us as “multiculturalism”.

Dogs in public places offends a certain group as well. Maybe dog walking parks will eventually go the way of the colourful decorations and tinsel as well.

What a *ucked up country I live in.

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2 Thoughts to “How they killed Christmas on the Gold Coast”

  1. mr happy

    oh well you can’t have everything

    1. You just worry about keeping your four wives fed and pregnant.

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