Cloud Seeding for TB

Guy (aka T.B.) on the CB radio promoting my site (thanks) today thinks cloud seeding is false.

VIC GOVT probably doesn’t exist in his mind either…

How about QLD GOVT?

Or this mob we’re paying for…

And here… (click the two locations on the Australian map)

Ow crikey, stopping hail, TOP GEAR talking about stuff T.B. thinks doesn’t exist.

Ow dear, what was the military spraying over the coast line September 9th, 2021?

Ow ow ow look, they (America example) don’t even need planes to screw with the weather…

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3 Thoughts to “Cloud Seeding for TB”

  1. Did you know there was going to be a flood, you posted this before brisbane got destroyed and I couldnt be more interested in learning about cloud seeding, I run a pro choice restaurant in cleveland ive been harrassed by cops for not giving in to mandates and i dont believe the media, i would love to see more videos please. Ive even posted hints towards it on the business page but i cant outright say anything or be banned. your video is amazing

    1. G’day, no I had no idea, but the Chinese in QLD may have about OUR weather cycles. (see video link below for more). Odd how it all started right after Covid dried up and that overseas war stuff started. I was replying here to banter directed at myself on the Brisbane channel 07 CB radio repeater. 2009 droughts in Queensland, Anna Bligh was all over research for cloud seeding to make it rain. At the time, she was in contact with the King of Thailand that holds a patent doing it. He was so good at making it rain, he flooded two villages killing many. The conditions have to be right for the process to work, but it is a real thing. At the end of the following video there’s clips showing China cloud seeding from mobile rigs on land. They supposedly used it to help fill the Great Gorge Dam. With older tech our 1972 Snowy Mountain River Scheme folks did too.

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