I’m rolling in the money this week, and it’s only Tuesday

Usually I make about 16 cents for the whole week (inflation on the old rusting mower metal in the backyard) … but the past Sunday (3 days ago) I accidental clicked on one of the Google adverts on this site.

Checked today, and 55 cents for one click is showing at the Google cashboard. Took ages to get my Adsense account approved (Seinfeld sites about nothing usually don’t) so over to the Google forums I went to admit my sin and seek forgiveness.sorry note to adsense

A friendly Googler assured me that my cat and I will be alright. Supposedly what I did was a small time misdemeanor.

Dang, but now I have to go back and ask forgiveness for saying I own a cat. Ow well, nothing much else going on today and I got a free site plug and content post here .

Not sure how I’m going to spend that 55 cents. Maybe go out and buy an old alley cat that I can blame future mistakes on.

…ow whoops, $35 dollars … well …. my old blind 55c alley cat walked all over the keyboard and mouse while I was asleep…


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