Today’s Tech Heroes will be remembered in the future as villains worse than Hitler

When life imitates art … or something like that. More on

If they’re not doing our jobs in the future, they’ll be chasing those down with no jobs, stealing food to survive.

I’m a fan of the modern Twilight Zone TV series ‘Black Mirror’.

The wankers at MIT must be as well. This robot dog thing is straight off the ‘Black Mirror’ episode titled, ‘Metalhead’.

Donny: If you could go back in time and ‘take care’ of Hitler before things got bad, would you do it?

Bibi: Sure.

Donny: If you could meet today’s pioneers of a future prison planet, would you ‘take care’ of them too?

Bibi: No! MIT Ben Katz isn’t German. Shalom.

Gee, I can hardly wait to have one of these buggers trying to kill me over a box of teddy bears. Thanks a lot prison planet pioneer, Ben Katz.

Welcome to The Twilight Zone!

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