Community Spamming: ‘Uber Eats’ drove me back to AdBlocker

I hardly watch free to air TV (been a year since I turned it on) but I can imagine it’s just as bad there.

Youtube, Courier Mail and everywhere else I go on the internet, I’m getting spammed with ‘Uber Eats’ advertising.

If I want something to eat, I’ll hop in my own flipping car, go shopping … and cook my own flipping burgers.

Ow anyway, I don’t have to watch them – but I stopped using those web browser ‘ad blockers’ about 5 years ago as they seemed to slow down my computers.

They usually keep track of (and send live data back to HQ) sites we visit as well, which is another good reason not to use them. It’s bad enough having the so called government forcing ISP’s to keep records on us all. (pointless as we can bypass all that via VPN’s)

But now this bloody tsunami wave of ‘Uber Eats’ advertising the last 6+ months. First cringy advert back then was a poo-poker laying bare footed on a couch eating grapes…

… now it’s the SBS freak woman, Ray Martin, Lleyton Hewitt …

… Rebel ‘obese’ Wilson crapping on about ham and pineapple pizzas (marketing would have made her say that as they appeal to the largest audience) and so forth.

#uck it .. I can’t stand seeing that Uber Smuber garbage any more … the bloody AdBlocker just got re-installed

FFS, I don’t mind seeing ads, but DIFFERENT ad’s from different companies.

Glad I don’t watch free to air TV .. there’s no ad blockers available for my old dusty TV.

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