SMF Repair (Fail) Tool

smf repair tool fail

I’ve been using SMF Forum on my CB radio hobby site for 10+ years with various web hosts.  While moving GCCB this week, the SMF Repair Tool had me stumped.

It kept saying no data engine could be found, even though the correct user, password and database name was entered … and it also kept recommending I use https rather than http (http is all I have)

I must have wasted 6 hours screwing around because of this “tool” … eventual problem was the database backup from the old host was too large for the new hosts phpMyAdmin importer. (I later split the upload into 3 parts)

After successfully uploading the database and getting the site running … for shits and giggles I tried the SMF tool again … yet the same fail results.

My lesson for the day … don’t  always depend on a “tool”  just because it’s called a ‘tool’.


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