eBay drags heals on Australian import GST avoiding criminals

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Last week I spent extra (rare for tight assed me) on postage from a supposed Australian eBay seller – item was a little MD81 wi-fi camera

Same thing shipped from China by Chinese sellers is cheaper even with the Australian GST import tax. I needed the camera fast. Item location? Supposedly Botany NSW .. 1000 km trip in 4 or 5 working days max, no sweat.

With tied eyes scanning advert after advert for an hour, I settled on one with the Australian Flag on it. OK I though, then in the description it said “Sent from Australia”. Added “Item Location: BOTANY, Australia”

OK, so I hit the ‘add to cart button’ and checked out, paid more for local postage, done, relax, went to bed.

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Or was it done? Bloody email receipt came through the next day saying it would take 2+ weeks to arrive. What, from NSW? Why the hell did I get slugged extra for postage then?

Turns out the ass hole seller hua-box99 is based in NSW, but sends their orders to home HQ back in commie China, to then be sent to Australia. That’s an extra weeks wait, yet they charged me extra for postage.

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eBay are blowing it off as my bad luck because, in between all the fraud and Australian Flags I didn’t go to the police academy and notice delivery dates.

My point with eBay is, no GST was charged on an item coming in from China. What’s the ATO going say about that, eBay?

I gave them ample screen shot proof, links, yet they won’t get the seller to correct the adverts, or suspend them until the GST avoidance racket is sorted out. More suckers are wasting time and money with that Botany NSW fraudster.

Here’s the sellers feedback profile – see the negative comments from others??? … 12+ months ago being screwed over by the very same false deception illegal advertising on eBay! Ow but eBay is only just getting around to that seller. What a crook.

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Note how far back the complaints go for that one seller … 12+ months … yet eBay is dragging their to ‘big to fail’ heals on this advertising and GST avoiding fraud.

Now today Chris V. eBay Customer Service confirmed..

Moreover, I would like to inform you that the seller has already been reported and their account is now under investigation as you have mentioned that they might have circumvented our policy and could possibly trying to bypass the GST process in Australia.

Might have? Wheels of justice move real slow at eBay Australia. ATO move a bit quicker than that. ‘Might have’ to email them as well.

Head over to eBay’s own community forum and search ‘BOTANY NSW sellers really China’ and you’ll see folks have been alerting eBay to these crimes for a very long time. It’s not just the one seller bypassing Australian GST import laws.

Profit over crime, eBay?

If I posted an advert saying “Australian Boomerang shipped from Australia”, yet it was made by commies and shipped from China, how long would that advert be allowed to stay on eBay? It would be removed in minutes!!

Below are the back and forth messages between myself and eBay … this page updates as new heal dragging happens …

ME: 02/11/18

“I trust I have explained things clearly to you.”

Hi, I clearly see a deceptive seller that claims..
1. to post items using Australia Post
2. charges extra postage when the same item elsewhere from China, is free post.
3. claims items are in Australia.
5. doesn’t charge GST import tax.
6. counts on getting away with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 because of a delivery date loop hole.
7. Can be in breach of Australian GST import tax law, yet still be allowed to operate committing fraud on eBay.

I read the ebay community forums. This is nothing new to eBay, yet here we still are letting crooks be crooks with delivery time loop holes. I didn’t notice that at the time with all the other deceptive bling on the advert.

‘Ow sorry, we cant bust the Mafia right now because THEIR cocaine delivery time hasn’t expired yet’. Really?

While the item is still in China, they should use their own UBI tracking number and have the rip off item returned to the place they sent it from and … my stolen money returned ASAP.

This matter with all the screen shots will make for an interesting discussion on the Reddit, Whirlpool and ProductReview forums. Topic headline: “eBay drags heals on import GST avoiding criminals”

I feel a bit uncomfortable negotiating with lying criminals. Will justice be served quicker if I cancel my action with them and follow through here?

eBay: 02/11/19

Thanks for getting back to us. We can completely understand that you are concerned about this since your seller mislead the location of their item.

We certainly would not tolerate such behaviour as we want to make sure eBay marketplace remains safe. I would understand that you are basing the information because of the tracking number presented on the transaction details, however, there’s an estimated delivery date for this particular item and would need to have this fulfilled.

If ever you will not receive the item by the expected delivery date, you will be entitled in getting your money refunded. On the other hand, if in case you receive the item and it’s been proven that the location of the item is coming from China, then this you may return the item and we’ll cover the return postage cost.

For now, we still can’t proceed with the refund request since you still have not received the item nor the estimated delivery date allotted for this has not passed yet.

Moreover, I would like to inform you that the seller has already been reported and their account is now under investigation as you have mentioned that they might have circumvented our policy and could possibly trying to bypass the GST process in Australia.

I trust I have explained things clearly to you.

Thanks for choosing eBay. Have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,

Chris V.

eBay Customer Service

ME: 02/11/18

Hello, as we can see 2MA687751201000931505 is NOT an Australian tracking number. That seller, supposedly at Botany NSW, shipped the item from China to deliberate deceive and bypassed Australian GST IMPORT laws.

Read their negative feedback page. They’re doing it to everyone. How much more proof do you need?

That is the point of my contact. You can clearly see they lied if you go to the Chinese postal company UBI and add tracking number 2MA687751201000931505.

It’s showing as posted from, and still in CHINA!!


What does eBay intend to do with criminal sellers that LIE about an items postage location to AVOID paying Australian import GST?

Does eBay condone GST fraud?

eBay: 01/11/18

Thank you for contacting us about the item you’ve purchased for WIFI Wireless Security Mini Cam item #362266237255

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you had on this transaction. I have carefully reviewed this matter and I can see from the tracking information 2MA687751201000931505 provided by the seller shows no update or it’s still pending when searched through Australia Post website. Also I’ve checked seller’s listing shows that item location is within Australia (Item location: BOTANY, Australia)

Looking at your account, I can see that you have opened a return request for this item. Know that once there’s an open dispute, seller is oblige to get back to you and present a resolution or have this rectified. At this point, we’ll give seller chance to respond to this opened dispute. At the same time, I will manually submit a report with regards to this behaviour. We will then further investigate seller’s site activity and take appropriate action on accordance to our policy.

We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for helping us keep eBay a safe and reputable place to trade.


Dee E.

eBay Customer Service

ME: 01/11/18 First message started via “Cancel Order”

Turns out item 362266237255 is shipped from China, yet when I bought it at the extra postage cost, the seller claimed it was posted via Australia Post (1st lie) from Botany NSW Australia (2nd lie), with an Australian Flag (3rd lie) on the ad. The big illegal fraud here … and I’m sending the government a screen copy of this letter … is that no GST has been paid on that item coming into Australia from China. That seller “hua-box99” is committing Australian tax fraud. What is eBay going to do about that?

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2 Thoughts to “eBay drags heals on Australian import GST avoiding criminals”

  1. Michael Skujins

    I will share my experience with HUA-BOX99. I purchased a product and it wasn’t fit for purpose so requested a refund.

    They provided an RMA address and I sent my purchase back at a cost of $33.85. It was returned to sender as the address PO Box didn’t exist anymore. After some time they sent another return address. I paid another $33.85 for postage. Same thing again, the address is invalid.

    Good on you Rodney for highlighting their GST and eBAY fraud also.

    This company HUA-BOX99 is scum. Do not trust them, or buy from them !

    1. Hi mate. I’d forgotten about this.
      So they’re still allowed to trade on eBay I take it.
      Just goes to show how corrupt eBay are.
      If you’re a big enough seller, pumping in tons if chicom crap using the Botany NSW scam to illegally avoid paying IMPORT GST, then that’s OK with eBay.
      Sounds like a good story for ’60 Minutes’ to look into.

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