I’m not sure when it happened: Metamorphosis from Aussie Bloke into web nerd

web nerds
Can I escape such peril? Is there an anti-nerd vaccine? Bow ties, cardis and coke bottles my fate?

Last week it was three days straight figuring out how to save an online forums content from the history bin … this week it’s been a two day slog learning how to build an online shop…on my own websites. (any half-assed non-nerd can use not-so-geeky eBay)

Wiped my old mower site (archived on my free host), moved the domain, and started fresh with a CMS (web nerd talk for whatever…I know the answer but don’t want to say it..because it’s embarrassing knowing) and popular commerce plugin (I’m not dropping any names..not because it matters…but just because I like being a turd-nerd that makes curious non-nerds go read give away html) on my paid host. Yeah, paid … spent money on nerd stuff instead of booze … found a 5 add-ons, 5gb space, 5gb bandwidth per month host for $5 a year .. lol .. even I can afford that … but I’ll keep some eggs in the free basket (this site’s on the free host…same place where I geek out too much in their community geek forums)…I just don’t have the time to move crap around again … ow hang on, this dribble is about spending too much time being a web nerd. I’m getting delirious .. 100% sober .. I need some sleep.


Geepers (web-nerds way of saying jeezzzz), even set up all that Cloudflare SSL stuff there and here – all new to me..didn’t like it at first (having extra unknown nerd-turds involved in my bizz) but realised it cloaks important DNS (don’t need sex?) stuff that pisses of spamming turds .. it seems to work with the green thing’O in a Firefox browser tab (showing a site is secure..from mr beans glow in the dark wobbly goblin).

Golly (web nerd talk replacement for *ucking hell) no sales yet though … need more stock…but that’ll take more time digging up more old crap … errr, stock from out under the Singapore Daisy bushes outback…hahaha.

I used to be a bloke once upon a time .. spending time with mates and going out … I will again one day, I promise … haha but first I have to go fix a bunch of typos … bloody Yoast web nerd SEO thing (nerd training wheels) is red texted saying this rant “needs improvement”…

seo pissed off
The trash button looks tempting.

Fark all that (bloke talk that means *uck all that), bloody SEO stuff, I feel like a drink now .. ow, just looked up (7:56pm) and I have 4 minutes to get to ol’ Dan’s (wollies owned bozzer). Ow well there goes my all-day Wednesday hang-over as well. Bloody distracting time consuming, web nerdingness strikes again.

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