#BoycottIndonesia – Why I don’t pay tax or go on Bali holidays


One of my cherished life skills: Photoshopping

An Indonesian man who fainted as he was being whipped for pre-marital sex today was revived to receive the rest of his punishment [100 more beatings] before being rushed to hospital. Daily Mail 06/12/19

Gee, looks like I’ll have to spend my saved up ‘cans for cash’ money on a Gold Coast holiday instead.

Sari Club “Explosion Party” flyer with person on fire

I can’t stand Indonesia. Sari Club held an “Explosion Party” the night the real shit went down.

related: 2008 – 2019 $1.2 BILLION Aussie tax dollars given away to Indonesia for FREE (this is why I don’t work hard enough to pay income tax any more)

related: Indonesia vows (Aussie funded Navy) to “outgun Australia”

related: With three days warning, Australia let Indonesia invade east Timor. Henry Kissinger knew too.

related: Indonesia killed five Aussie journalists – still no justice

related: They eat dogs

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