Sick ScoMo, WA booze cuts, 2020 bowl cuts, Demon wins GCCC selection, Palmer pills, potato guy

Sick sick ScoMo!

Who the fork would risk this on purpose?

Government not telling “experts” to shut up about wanting 60% plus of Australian children to catch Covid-19 … means the “experts” are actually Government mouth pieces gently breaking info on the sort agenda. Why else would they be left to terrorise the nation?

If I was a parent, and I was told that my children MUST go to school, while at the same time these Josef Mengele ass holes are wanting my kids to get sick … I’d go postal on their asses!!

Which ‘angles of death’ would deliberately want 60% of children to get sick? Luke warm ‘Christian’ Scott Morrison and his masonic luciferian (Albert Pike admitted) buddies, that’s who!

WA booze cuts

Obey Big Mummy!

Setting the tread for other states and ScoMo’s coming level 3, WA has limited alcohol buying! Not because of Covid-19, but because all of a sudden the so called mummy state is concerned we adult babies will drink too much. Max 2 litre wine cask limit per day would shit me off, as my Sonata comes in 4 litre packs. (it’s cheaper in 4 than 2)

The ABC is even sneaking in that Islamic anti-alcohol BS term … “permissible” (‘Halal’ in Arabic) instead of ‘permitted’, ‘allowed’, ‘legal’ etc.

The WA faux leader must have bought a prayer mat and converted.

2020 bowl cut prediction: The Aussie ‘new world order’ look

We’re going to look like those fugly ‘Chats’ muppets soon! Break out the matching orange jump suits.

2020 fashion prediction

Well not me, I just trim my pony bun every 6 months. Haven’t been to a professional barber since the last time I tried to hook up with an ex on Facebook

What are you on about? New laws today. 30 minutes max at the barber or hair salon!

WTF? That’s 29 minutes and 59 seconds too long.

Takes 1 second for an airborne virus to be sucked into your lungs. Stupid women racing to get their claws and other shit done that usually grows like Madonna’s arm pits if not mowed once a month. Yeah, but they gotta look good while sitting at home quarantined with the family.


Supermarkets ‘Social Distancing’

I was at the Ashmore Aldi today, and a crazy old hen tried to make me bunch up with the other flock packed together in front of me. Fork that shit.

Supermarkets are putting 1.5 meter marks on the floors to make people spread out. Dan Murphy’s had white masking tape X’s today. Should be like this all the time. I hate jerks breathing down my neck.

2020 election results: Demon already wins GCCC election (again)

This demon worth the risk?

It’s on again, the fake local government council selections.

Yeap, that waste of farking time. Poms don’t get to vote in or out the Queen, nor do we get to vote in or out the demon, Dale Dickson (pictured left) that actually runs the Gold Coast City Council. Mayors come and go, yet he that holds the rate payers purse strings, gets to stay yet again. Current Mayor Tom Tate promised to sack him when he (Tate) first got in. It was all BS.

Ow, and folks are mad that they have to risk catching Covis-19 from polling booths. Many such as my own father are saying they won’t go and will pay the $135 fine.

Gee, it must be so hard to postpone the Olympics, ow that’s been done .. err, the local selections, yet they won’t. Maybe by Friday night things will change due to the fast paced Bill Gates virus matter.

Palmer Pills

Love or hate him, but did you read the news about Clive Palmer giving $1 million for free to fund Hydroxychloroquine (anti malaria) tablets for all Australians? Trump has been going on about it too.

Nah, the main stream media only promote obscure government ‘yes men’.

Personally, I’d demand high dose intravenous vitamin C that kills every known virus, and has no toxic side-effects. Well that’s according to US Dr Thomas Levy. Cured 60 out of 60 acute polio suffers too he claims from main stream material. Good info, but he’s kinda boring to watch.

Potty Potato guy (I think he’s Aussie)

Arrh, something different … some Aussie guy playing in the garden.

A lot of work for 5kg of baby spuds that cost me $4 two weeks ago. I just finished that bag tonight … but saved a dozen to plant. Soil in those very cheap Super Cheap storage tubs coming soon.

Pot them while you can, they take two+ months to grow.

By the time all the bad shit arrives (ScoMo’s level 1984) you’ll still have something to chew on.


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