Review: Love Island (not in) Australia

Love Island Australia Justin 46,XY?

Bored stupid last week, I caved in and downloaded the pilot episode of “Idiocracy(movie) meets “Big Brother” (TV programming for morons that like strangers watching them defecate)

Nah, they call the Channel 9 program, “Love Island Australia”

Turns out the Island is in Spain, but anyway … 10 minutes in and it was *ucking awful .. cringe level 10/10 … butt butt butts everywhere, but then an Irish voice over guy that also knew the “reality show” was shit, started running my style of banter over top of that fatal plane crash footage.

Eight episodes later (embarrassed Aussie face) I was kinda hooked. Two days have passed and the WatchSeries RSS feed (no ad’s for tampons) wasn’t showing newer episodes .. I needed my fix of bubble headed bimbos … so I went to the source of the fake-up, ego pissing, silicon chested evil .. the channel 9 website itself to see if I had missed anything.

There they were … two new episodes, Ep09 and Ep10 … but I’d first have to login into the channel 9 website.

3 genders at channel 9
Male, Female, Other? Other what? World of Nine?

Apparently sometime in the past … while very drunk, I joined that evil site (they turd on physics) … so straight into it I thought … but on this login occasion they wanted a profile update.

Confused in this day and age of political crapness, I tried to skip the gender question … that’s my right after all …  but they wouldn’t let me login and listen to the funny Irishman until I caved in.

So I hacked their website (user: james1967 password: mariah2hot4me) and temporally changed  the login page…

Chromosomally Correct Channel 9 - XY, XX, 46,XY, 46,XX
Chromosomally Correct Channel 9 – XY, XX, 46,XY, 46,XX

According to my chromosomes (something that can’t be cut off, cut out, tucked up, tucked under or added to) under a microscope, I’m an ‘XY’ (aka male with all the internal and external male parts … in various proportions)

I can’t stand Fords, (they made the XY) but in this case, who am I to argue with the way Henry built me .. so sadly I clicked XY. (deep down I’m a 77,HZ Holden)

Enough about me – If I was an 46,XY or 46,XX, I’d be offended that channel Nine lumped both of those naturally created genders under one lazy “Other” option.  Can you imagine the riot if they lumped XY’s and XX’s under the one ‘Other” label? Ow the shame.

About me again – So after watching … err .. suffering though eight episodes of Love Island (not in) Australia, I’m wondering which login check box that Justin guy (see first image) would click. I’ve never heard a supposed XY guy go on and on (at other XY guys) about how “beautiful” he is.

Gee, I wish there was the 77, HZ option. I’d book myself in for XY removal surgery.

Ow the Love Island (not in) Australia review … 25 year old’s acting like 15 years old’s, waxing their male butt holes on camera isn’t my thing. But I highly recommend the funny Irish guy.

Seriously, the bird called Cassidy has her pretty head screwed on right … as does the guy Josh that would make a good morning show host and XY partner for XX Cassidy.

If host Sophie Monk let those brunette roots grow out and lost the fake-up, I’d be a player. (she’s from the Gold Coast as well)

What is this 46,XY and 46,XX stuff? Wikipedia

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